1 Gallon Thatch Fire Retardant

1 Gallon Thatch Fire Retardant
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1 Gallon Thatch Fire Retardant
FREE SHIPPING. Our thatch fire retardant will not wash off with rain! Make sure when purchasing your retardant from a company it will not wash off right away. Thatch fire retardant is made for outdoor or indoor use. Class A Retardant designed from thatch materials.

This product is a clear, opaque, non-corrosive, water-based fire retardant. It is a paint-like appearance that dries to a clear finish. Flexible yet durable which enables it to breathe. Has a class A rating under astm e-84 standards. And has a flame spread classification fo 40.

If you are spraying your own application, you release all liability of the Tiki Shack Importer and or any employees associated. Most fire marshals require a certified fire retardant spray for thatch. Please keep this in mind when spraying your thatch for commercial use. This fire retardant spray for thatch will not make your thatch completely fire-proof just slows down burning.

Do a burn-smolder test before installing. Instructions for application use a airless spray gun recommended or compressed auto spray gun. Spec sheet will accompany if requested with product information. 1 gallon fire retardant will cover approximately 200 Feet per gallon for thatch. Customer service our #1 priority!

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