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NOTE: Each roll below measures 4'high x 8'wide x 1/8 thick. Slats are 11/16 wide. Has cloth backing just like most wallpaper.

This bamboo textured wallpaper is an excellent alternative to traditional wall paper or paint if you want to refresh the look of a room. Our bamboo wainscoting quickly installs temporarily or permanently over any existing wall or ceiling, just unroll and nail or glue to your wall.

For ceiling applications, or a more permanent wall installation, construction adhesive should be used in addition to nails. Because of it's flexible construction, it is easy to install continuously around corners. Trimming to the proper length needed is a snap, just cut through the fabric backing between slats or to cut against the grain, leaved rolled up and make sure the ends are even and cut with fine tooth blade. This will have a even cut all the way down, pretty simple.

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Bamboo Wainscoting Wallpaper Tortoise 4'x8'
Bamboo Wainscoting Wallpaper Natural Burnt  4'x8'
Bamboo Wainscoting Wallpaper Raw Green 4'x8'
Bamboo Wainscoting Wallpaper Carbonized 4'x8'
Bamboo Wainscoting Panels: Utility and Style Combined

Bamboo paneling is fast becoming one of the most popular design and decor trends for homeowners, and it’s easy to see why. This flexible yet durable material is easy to cut, alter, shape, and install, and they’re an eco-friendly option for those who want to maintain a green lifestyle. Wainscoting can add a decorative touch to your home, and using bamboo panels instead of traditional materials makes it a unique, affordable, and eco-friendly project you’ll love to complete.

Wainscoting is paneling that typically covers the lower portion of a wall. This could be a small section of wall, like the backsplash in a kitchen, or the lower portion of an entire hallway or room. It depends on how you want to design with wainscoting. Whatever you choose to do, bamboo wainscoting panels are a great option and provide a number of benefits.

Ideas for Using Bamboo Wainscoting Panels

There are a number of ways to use wainscoting panels throughout your home. Here are just some of the places in which you can use these gorgeous panels to enhance the look and feel of your home. Bamboo wainscoting panels also help to protect certain areas of your home in a stylistic way making them as utilitarian as they are beautiful.


If you have a nursery, using bamboo wainscoting panels along the lower section of the walls might be a great idea. You don’t necessarily have to use them across the entire room, but you should consider installing them along the wall where your crib sits. If you use this wall for toy storage and other items that get bumped, moved, and slid along the wall often, you can protect the wall itself. Bamboo is exceptionally durable, so it can withstand a fair deal of abuse, saving you from worrying about scratching the paint or harming the structure of the wall itself.

Family Room

The family room area is a great place to install bamboo wainscoting panels, as well. Here, they serve a similar function as they do in the nursery. Furniture might get moved around a lot, people come in and out, and lots of activity happens in this room of the house. Protecting the lower portion of your walls in an artistic and beautiful way with durable bamboo wainscoting panels is a great way to go.

Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are popular, but they can sometimes result in a lack of distinct “rooms” or areas of your home. If you want to break up the main area of your open floor plan, use bamboo wainscoting panels in one particular area to make it stylistically different from the rest of the space. You can create a cozy nook, a coffee break corner, or a dining area by utilizing this technique.

Kitchen Island

Wainscoting on the lower section (or all) of your kitchen island can be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. However, keep in mind that this area gets kicked, scratched, rubbed, and exposed to other kinds of potentially damaging activity. Using bamboo wainscoting panels will protect that area while offering a unique, rustic charm to your space. Bamboo panels come in black and mahogany, as well, for those who prefer a more modern appearance.


Another great option for utilizing bamboo wainscoting panels is to install them as a backsplash in your kitchen. They’re easy to clean, can hold up to wear and tear, and can keep your kitchen looking fresh and vibrant for years to come.

Outdoor Garden Buffer

If you have a garden area close to your house, you’ve undoubtedly had to deal with the dirt, grime, and general buildup that happens along your lower exterior walls. Using bamboo wainscoting panels on the lower section of your home where your garden exists can help keep your walls clean and protected while offering a fresh, organic feel to your garden.

Style Options

There are multiple different style options available out there for those who are considering, or interested in, adding bamboo panels into their home or office decors. Styles include various different varnishing techniques, finishes, textures as well as colors. Here are some of the most commonly available options.

The Natural Burnt Option - Natural burnt bamboo paneling has been expertly hand-burnt at each node of the bamboo’s structure. This treatment gives each panel a unique, rustic feel.

The Carbonized Finish Option - The carbonized finish option is one which in which the bamboo is steamed for a longer period of time than usual. This darkens the panel’s color offering a milk chocolate hue that adds warmth and elegance to any space.

The Dark Chocolate Paneling Option - The dark chocolate paneling option consists of panels that have been stained using a deep yet brilliant staining technique. Persevered by applying a clear sealant, the dark chocolate bamboo paneling option is great for indoor or outdoor use and will provide rich color for years to come.

The Tortoise Option - The tortoise bamboo paneling option gives consumers a much earthier and lighter way to enjoy bamboo paneling. Each panel consisting of polychromatic coloring, including various shades of green, tan and light browns.

The Raw Green Option - The raw green bamboo paneling option is one which showcases the natural green and tan coloring that bamboo exhibits in nature. Expertly cured in order to maintain color authenticity, the raw green paneling option allows consumers to take in the natural beauty of bamboo while adding light and vibrant tones.

The Raw Green Burnt Option - The raw green burnt paneling option is the perfect union between the raw green paneling and burnt paneling options., adding an organic feel and warm tones to any space.

The Natural Raw Option - The natural raw paneling option is similar to the raw green option as both have been cured to preserve the bamboo’s natural color. However, the natural raw option is browner and warmer in hue and showcases less of the green hue found in the raw green paneling.

The Ebony Option - The Ebony paneling bamboo option uses Moso bamboo and an Aluminum oxide finish to create a deeply rich and extremely durable option for paneling. Two times the strength of oak paneling, ebony bamboo paneling is a great option for adding rich tones and an old time feel into your space.

The Natural Finish Option - The natural finish paneling option is exactly what it claims to be - paneling that is 100% natural. This uncured and natural bamboo paneling option is by far the most authentic and natural looking option out of the styles described.