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Tahitian Thatch
Tahitian Thatch

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Tahitian Thatch - Elephant Grass for Sale!

Tahitian thatch (also known as Fiji thatch or elephant grass) is a great material for thatching roofs or umbrella-style covers on tiki structures.

The Tiki Shack Importer offers Tahitian thatch in your choice of thatch panels or thatched top cones for thatch umbrellas, as shown below.

About our Tahitian Thatch

Made from the leaves of a hearty coco palm tree, our Tahitian thatch panels are extremely durable in very harsh weather conditions, with an average lifespan of 11-16 years on open air roofs and dry climate.

These easy-to-install thatch panels for roofs and top cones for thatched umbrella roofs give instant island charm to any roofing structure.

How to Use our Tahitian Thatch

Though widely used on tropical tiki style bars, these Fiji thatch panels are also great for covering existing roofs on larger structures.

These elephant grass reed shingles can be used outdoors on top of existing roofs to create a natural thatched roof appearance, and are easy to install (installing a thatched roof border is as easy as stapling with a staple gun.

Alternatively, our Fiji thatch can be used on wood or steel frames for such as umbrellas, to create a tropical thatch umbrella that is 90% waterproof and will resist high wind loads (especially when coated with our thatch sealer).

Tahitian Thatch in Moist/Humid Climates

We especially recommend our thatch sealer for Tahitian thatch that will be used in a moist or humid climate. Though our elephant grass for sale is extremely durable, thatch sealer can often add up to two years to the life of your thatched roof.

Additionally, we also offer Mexican thatch, which looks similar and is also an outstanding thatched roof material.

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Each panel averages 24" Height x 37" Wide x roughly 2" thick.
Top cone averages 36" Wide 26" Height x roughly 2" thick.

All sizes are approximate.

Tahitian Fiji Thatch  Panel
Tahitian Fiji Thatch Panels 4 Pack
Tahitian Fiji Top Cone
Tahitian Thatch: A Versatile Material for Your Landscaping Needs

Tahitian thatch is an excellent way to add tropical elements to your exterior landscape projects. If you're trying to create a tropical theme for entertaining or relaxing at home, Tahitian that can help you accomplish that look on a budget and with minimal installation required. You can customize the look and feel of your Tahitian thatch based on how you layer it and the type you choose. †Tahitian that comes in a wide range of styles and colors, which lets you decide how you want to use it to create the backyard oasis of your dreams.

What is Tahitian Thatch?

Tahitian thatch is also called Fiji thatch or elephant grass, but itís all the same material and is made in the same way. Tahitian thatch is carefully woven together using dried palm leaves. Then, itís secured by a nylon string so it lasts a long time and can withstand the elements. People have been using thatching for years to create beautiful, rustic effects on roofing, mats, walls, and cabanas. While thatching is not unique to Tahiti, with variations found from Ireland to India, Tahitian thatch is one of the most popular variations for its tropical charm and aesthetic appeal. However, perhaps one of the best features of Tahitian thatch is its durability. Other thatch styles last around five years, but Tahitian thatch is much stronger, so it can last anywhere from 10 to 12 years. Resorts, water parks, cabanas, zoos, theme parks, spas, and other similar institutions rely on Tahitian thatch to provide them with high-quality products. Given the need for structures at these locations to withstand weathering, frequent transportation, prolonged storage, and daily wear and tear, the fact that Tahitian thatch is often their material of choice goes a long way to prove the longevity and durability of this material.

Tahitian Thatch Uses and Applications

Whether youíre seeking out roofing and decorating materials for residential or commercial applications, Tahitian thatch is the perfect choice for your needs. This material can create a wide range of luxurious, tropical looks, offering a relaxing, elegant, and exotic oasis anywhere you choose. With proper maintenance and treatment, Tahitian thatch can withstand severe weather, even hurricanes, and it always looks gorgeous.

Tahitian thatch has experienced an increase in popularity for the use in roofing applications, bar tops, tiki huts and bars, and sun huts. You can also use it for waterpark decor, poolside cabanas, and beachfront resort features. More uses for Tahitian thatch products include shade umbrellas, custom roof structures, and indoor or outdoor tropical themed weddings or banquet settings.

Tahitian Thatch is Environmentally Friendly

In a society that is increasingly sensitive to the needs of the environment and our impact upon it, materials like bamboo and Tahitian thatch are booming in popularity. Tahitian palm thatch is harvested from palm groves and is considered to be a sustainable product because only the leaves and branches are harvested from the trees and the rest of the plant is left alone to continue growing. Additionally, the harvesting of these materials doesnít cause damage to the surrounding environment, making it even more environmentally friendly. While timber materials can be used to create tikiesque installations and items, the ecological damage that the logging industry causes is extensive. While palm leaves grow back rapidly, it can take trees 30 to 50 years to grow back after theyíve been cut down. Additionally, in order to process and harvest timber, many harsh chemicals and pesticides have to be used. Since Tahitian thatch is natural and each leaf remains largely untouched, far fewer synthetic materials have to be used in order to create the beautiful roofing and thatching materials created from them. Choosing materials like Tahitian thatch help the environment and also help reduce our impact on it.

Ideas for Using Tahitian Thatch

There are many ways you can utilize this versatile and beautiful material. If you want to incorporate Tahitian thatch into your exterior landscape, here are a few ways to make it happen. Use this list of ideas to get your creativity flowing. Then, let your imagination run wild. The uses for Tahitian thatch are truly limitless.

Tiki Bar - One of the most traditional uses for Tahitian thatch is to decorate and provide the roof for a tiki bar. If you plan on entertaining, having a tiki bar is an excellent idea. You can use Tahitian thatch to cover the outside of the bar itself, as a mat on the counter, to provide the roofing material, or all three. You can trim the Tahitian thatch to your preference, so it can provide many uses.

Wall Coverings - Another great use for Tahitian thatch panels is to cover the wall with them. If you want to create a Tiki-themed area of the backyard, perhaps around a fire pit, you could line the wall or fencing around that area with Tahitian thatch. This sets the area apart visually and also provides a tropical ambiance.

Art - Get creative with Tahitian thatch and layer it to create artistic effects. This is something you can try indoors as well as outdoors.

Cover Unattractive Areas - If you have areas outside that arenít very attractive, like a storage container or air conditioning unit, create a little fence or gate around it and line the outside with Tahitian thatch. Doing so will help cover up the unsightly area and provide a tropical vibe to your yard.

There are many ways to use Tahitian thatch. From creating a beautiful outdoor setting to simply covering up an unattractive area of your exterior landscape, the only limit to how you can use Tahitian thatch is your imagination. No matter how you incorporate it into your backyard or exterior space, youíll be thrilled by its durability, aesthetic charm, and dependability. Whether youíre in an area that experiences extreme weather or you simply want a material that doesnít require a lot of maintenance, Tahitian thatch is an excellent option. This green, eco-friendly material is sustainable and renewable, so youíre helping the environment while youíre improving the look of your space. Start your project with Tahitian thatch today! †