Fire Retardant Tiki Thatch

Fire Retardant Tiki Thatch
Fire Retardant Tiki Thatch

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Fire Retardant Thatch for Businesses and Homes

Class A Rated, Very Safe and Fully BURN TESTED!

Our Fire Retardant Thatch is the very same fire retardant used by most fire marshals for businesses, trade shows and for addressing general safety concerns.

You will receive a Class A Fire Certificate when you buy Fire Retardant Thatch from Tiki Shack Importer. A full thatch burn test is also done prior to sending your products out. So rest assured piece of mind is yours!

Fire Retardant Thatch from Tiki Shack Importer

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Note: You can also request a fire marshal’s burn test spec sheet prior to ordering our fire retardant tiki thatch on products that include Mexican palm thatch, African reed thatch, Tahitian thatch and Mexican rain cape thatch. Any tiki thatch roll or palapa umbrella purchased from us will be fire retarded before it arrives at your location.

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FIRE RETARDANT<br>30"x 60ft Commercial Grade Tiki Thatch Roll</P>
FIRE RETARDANT<br>30"x 30ft Commercial Grade Tiki Thatch Roll</p>
FIRE RETARDANT<br>30"x 20ft Commercial Grade Tiki Thatch Roll</p>
FIRE RETARDANT<br>30"x 10ft Commercial Grade Tiki Thatch Roll</p>
FIRE RETARDANT<br>36"x 60ft Commercial Grade Tiki Thatch Roll</P>
FIRE RETARDANT<br>36"x 30ft Commercial Grade Tiki Thatch Roll</P>
FIRE RETARDANT<br>36"x 20ft Commercial Grade Tiki Thatch Roll</P>
FIRE RETARDANT<br>36"x 10ft Commercial Grade Tiki Thatch Roll</p>
FIRE RETARDANT<br>30" x 10ft Ridge Cap Thatch Roll
FIRE RETARDANT<br>30" x 12ft Ridge Cap Thatch Roll
FIRE RETARDANT<br>30" x 15ft Ridge Cap Thatch Roll
FIRE RETARDANT<br>30" x 20ft Ridge Cap Thatch Roll
FIRE RETARDANT<br>4ft x 10ft Palm Grass Tiki Thatch Roll
FIRE RETARDANT<br>4ft x 20ft Palm Grass Tiki Thatch Roll
FIRE RETARDANT<br>Two - 4ft x 20ft Palm Grass Tiki Thatch Roll
FIRE RETARDANT<br>55" x 60' Commercial Grade Tiki Thatch Roll
FIRE RETARDANT<br>4' x 4' Palm Grass Tiki Thatch Panels
FIRE RETARDANT<br>48" x 48" Palm Grass Tiki Thatch (6) Panels
FIRE RETARDANT<br>48" x 48" Palm Grass Tiki Thatch (12) Panels
FIRE RETARDANT<br>30" Hip Roof Top Cap
FIRE RETARDANT<br>7ft Commercial Grade Palapa Umbrella Cover
FIRE RETARDANT<br>8ft Commercial Grade Palapa Umbrella Cover
FIRE RETARDANT<br>9ft Commercial Grade Palapa Umbrella Cover
FIRE RETARDANT<br>10ft Commercial Grade Palapa Umbrella Cover
FIRE RETARDANT<br>11ft Commercial Grade Palapa Umbrella Cover
FIRE RETARDANT<br>12ft Commercial Grade Palapa Thatch Umbrella Cover
FIRE RETARDANT<br>13ft Commercial Grade Palapa Thatch Umbrella Cover
FIRE RETARDANT<br>14ft Commercial Grade Palapa Thatch Umbrella Cover
FIRE RETARDANT<br>15ft Commercial Grade Palapa Thatch Umbrella Cover
FIRE RETARDANT<br>5ft Collapsible Bamboo Market Umbrella
FIRE RETARDANT<br>7ft Collapsible Bamboo Market Umbrella
FIRE RETARDANT<br>9ft Collaspible Bamboo Market Umbrella
1 Gallon Thatch Fire Retardant
FIRE RETARDANT TIKI THATCH Tiki thatch is a beautiful, diverse product with many applications for its use, and many styles to choose from. The way it is most often used is in roofing projects; covering an existing roof for aesthetic appeal, backyard tiki huts, or thatch roof tiki bars. Another common use is a very pleasing thatch umbrella to add to your yard décor, be it tropical paradise, desert or jungle themed.

Thatched roofing is very prevalent in theme parks such as Disneyland or in zoos and resorts nationwide as it adds to the ambiance and transports the onlookers to a tranquil place and time. Hotels, restaurants and movie sets abound with the tropical illusion that tiki thatch brings about. It is easy to see why these relaxed, festive thatched buildings and cabanas draw in the crowds, and because of the crowds, extra safety measures must be taken.

Purchasing Fireproof Materials Whether the thatching on the roof is in a big tourist attraction or your own yard, some things are out of our control as far as fire is concerned. The 4th of July is an example of what could go wrong and is out of our control. Fireworks and rocket bombs set off in celebration could land on your thatched roof, causing hot embers to start a fire. A rousing thunderstorm passing through with plenty of thunder and lightning and suddenly a lightning strike right on your tiki thatch. These are pretty much out of your control, but not as much of an issue if you purchased fireproofed materials.

There are significant dangers that you do have control over when it comes to your tiki thatch roof to avert the danger of fire to your structure. You may have installed electrical wiring; you need to maintain it properly. Modern fuse boxes and earth trips are extremely helpful. There is the danger of rodents chewing through wiring or cables, especially if the dwelling is not occupied for any length of time. Any of this could start a spark. Maybe you bring in oil lamps or candles for ambiance or have a small heater to make the area cozier. Fireproofing all your materials you used to build your backyard retreat helps to insure against some of these common and some uncommon hazards that exist to potentially spoil all your well thought out plans. No matter how careful you are with these fire hazards, accidents happen when we least expect them.

Knowing What to Ask For Although tiki thatched roofs do not catch fire any more quickly or easily than a traditional roof does, the flames are harder to extinguish once the fire takes hold. When using tiki thatch it is always advisable to purchase the flame-retardant version. When looking online for a reputable dealer there are several things you need to be aware of and look for. The company should offer a class A fire certificate, a guarantee that a thatch burn test has been conducted, and, if necessary, provide you with a sample to do your own burn test which may be a requirement of your local fire department or insurance company. You should be able to ask for a fire marshals burn test spec. sheet prior to completing your order for your flame retardant tiki thatch, whether it be Mexican Palm thatch, African Reed thatch, Tahitian thatch or any tiki thatch roll or palapa umbrella.

Not just big enterprises like theme parks and resorts that cater to large crowds and customers have an interest in purchasing flame retardant thatch. It is also for the backyard enthusiast to make his private domain into his personal paradise with safety foremost in his thoughts. The next thought, of course, is picking the most appropriate thatch for your individual design. Options such as Palm Island thatch, Tahitian thatch or artificial, synthetic thatch make for some difficult decisions, but they all come with fireproofing options.

Palm Island thatch is a versatile roofing material made from sustainable, renewable, eco-friendly mature palm leaves which have matured in nature to withstand high winds, sun and rain. They are tested for strength and made into strips and cured. Its popularity comes from its multiple layers of palm leaves which can lock out rain and moisture. The method of palm thatching is an old tradition passed down for generations. It is a natural insulation alternative, able to withstand rainfall, heat and wind. Palm thatch comes hand woven and assembled in various size rolls ready for easy installation on your tiki thatch roof or whatever your project. Your online sources will include fire retardant choices for the safety and stability of designated area. Tahitian Thatch, while commonly used at resorts and cabanas, is a perfect complement. to your backyard structures. It is a sustainable product in that only the leaves and branches are harvested, allowing the plant to keep growing. If you have an outdoor cooking area, patio or palapa bar this thatch is long lasting and highly durable. It is easy to work with and will enhance any area or style.

Artificial, synthetic thatch is about 80% waterproof, making for great backyard projects. Your thatched roof made with synthetic palm thatch covering a patio, tiki bar or tiki hut will give that restful, tropical look. Unlike natural thatch products that may invite birds or other wildlife to make nests, synthetic palm thatch doesn't create a suitable environment for that to occur. It does not shed, rot, mold or decay and is eco-friendly and recyclable. It is a chemically neutral product with no harmful fumes or danger to the environment.

It can be used indoors or outside just like any other type of thatch and is easily installed. Building projects covered with synthetic palm thatch mimic the natural thatch, appearing just as full and bountiful. It is safe with molded in fireproofing, and durable with a longer life expectancy than natural thatch making it even more affordable, recyclable, and can be used for any shape roof. It is resistant to fading, snow, extreme weather conditions and temperatures and is an 80% waterproofing thatch.