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Turn your house into an exotic location with palapas
Palapas are the latest exotic attraction among people today. Many people are trying to create a special and attractive corner in the free spaces of their homes and offices like gardens, roof tops and pool sides by installing a palapa. Installation of palapas and tiki huts not only enhance the visual appeal of the place or home but also transforms it into a cozy place, where you can sit and relax with your friends or family members. The foundation for palapas are primarily crafted out of bamboo poles, which are made stronger and more durable by testing and enhancing their strain resisting powers .

Companies which deal on palapas and their associated accessories like bamboo wainscoting, thatches and bamboo poles constantly test their materials in order to improve their quality and durability and to thrive in a market where more and more customers are planning to install a palapa. The ease with which a palapa can be installed greatly depends on the materials selected. For instance, palapa kits are better for amateurs who plan to install their own tiki bar or palapa all by themselves, as these kits come packed with pre-cut and pre-designed palapa accessories like measured bamboo poles and prepared thatches. Ranging from natural to artificial thatches and bamboo poles, every accessory for designing a palapa is available for sale online and can be ordered with extreme ease. Many companies also send palapa building experts to the client's house to assist the owner or to build the palapa themselves.

Although palapas may appear to be extremely critically build, the builder doesn't have to be highly skilled or experienced to build a tiki bar or hut. While it is extremely easy to prepare the frame for the tiki bar or hut with bamboo poles, cutting and assembling bamboo wainscoting may require a bit of expertise and patience. Wainscoting made of bamboo are primarily used on the walls of tiki bar cabinets and shelves. Other than that, these are also used to line the walls of wash-rooms in hotels and resorts where the resorts are designed on exotic themes.

Bamboo poles are extremely important for constructing palapas, as it is the poles which act as a foundation for the structure. Since palapas are free from walls, it is extremely important to choose the poles and other building accessories pretty carefully. It is better to opt for such kinds of bamboo poles and thatches which are being tested for durability and strength, as palapas are build in the open and more durable products will naturally provide you with a longer lasting palapa.

Summary: Since more and more people today are opting for natural and greener products, palapas have gained a huge popularity. Other than being sources of renewable energy and safer to the nature, palapas have become successful to bag-in such a huge popularity due to their attractive look. Thatches, poles and other accessories used for building palapas give these buildings a special exotic look, which is not only charming to the eyes but also offer a calm and cozy place to relax.

Get the right instructions on how to build a tiki bar and tiki hut
Tiki bars remind us of the exotic charm that we enjoy on holiday trips to Hawaii and other tropical places. However, with this instructional piece on how to build a tiki bar or tiki hut, you no longer will have to miss the charm while you are in your home. You can build a tiki bar right by the side of your home's pool and enjoy the exotic refreshing drinks that are served straight out of tiki bars. All you need to know is about the right process of how to build a tiki bar or hut and what are the materials you should ideally use in order to make your tiki bar a success. Building a tiki bar can be a lot easier than what you imagine it to be. No special skills or expertise are required and you can also take the reference of free tiki bar plans. Free tiki bar plans are step-by-step instructional guides, which will help you out not only with the right process of how to build a tiki bar but will also guide you through the material selection and decoration. The process of installing a tiki bar or tiki hut starts with selecting the right material and then goes up to finally using your skills to install it in the real time.

Decide your budget Since a tiki bar is an additional piece of pleasure for your home, you must be clear about the budget before you start your project. Going through a few websites which deal with tiki bar or tiki hut building items is a good idea, as that will allow you to gather some idea on the pricing of the materials you will ideally need to give your dream a shape. Once you are done with the budgeting, you can move forward to decide on how fancy materials you would like to use for you tiki hut or bar. Other than that, you can also take the help of free tiki bar plans and websites to decide on the decorations you would like to involve in your tiki bar or hut.

Determining size of tiki bar or hut After you become well aware of how to build a tiki bar, this should ideally be your second step for the project. This part includes determining the size and shape of your tiki bar or hut, which will also exert a lot of impact on your budget.

Choosing the materials for the tiki bar or hut Tiki bars are the symbols of exotic locations and hence they should be ideally build with natural materials like bamboos, thatch and wood. There are many varieties of bamboos, woods and thatches available and your selection process must be considerate about the quality, strength, durability and pricing of the materials.

Giving shape to tiki bar or hut Once you know how to build a tiki bar and is ready with the materials and the blueprint, take your preferred instrument or a band saw to cut out the frame of the tiki bar. Once done, cut the shelves by taking the proper measurements and then assemble them all to prepare the bar. You can definitely take the help of your preferred free tiki bar plan on how to build a tiki bar, if you have one at hand. Once you are ready with the assembling of the bar, you can then install the thatched roof and the other decorations you opted to decorate you tiki bar or hut with.

Summary: With such simple steps, you will be able to install your very own tiki bar right at your home. Just opt for the proper accessories and you will be ready to turn your dream tiki bar into a reality.

All you need to know about palapa thatching
The terms tiki bar and tiki hut are more popular among people than palapa. The term “palapa” has emerged from a Spanish word, which means “pulpous leaf”. A palapa is basically a thatched structure with free ends or no walls. However, the term is now more popularly used for indicating thatched roofs. While a palapa thatching is a must have for any tiki bar or hut, sellers of palapa thatching also sell all the accessories needed to install a tiki hut or bar in the form of a kit. Other than opting for pre-designed palapa kits, you can also use your imagination and look out for palapa covers, palapa thatch replacements and hand woven palapa thatching to design you palapa as per you needs and desire.

Palapas have a distinct style of their own. Since palapas are predominantly found in tropical places, these are indigenously made out of natural elements like bamboos, woods and different types of dried leaves. Earlier the thatching used to be constructed out of only dried palm leaves, but today many different varieties of leaves are used for the construction. Not only the different varieties differ by looks but also have varied levels of longevity and durability. Some of the most commonly used varieties of palapa thatching are Tahitian palm thatch, African Reed thatch, Mexican thatch and synthetic thatch. While the Mexican and Tahitian thatches use varieties of palm leaves, the African thatches make use of closely knitted cape reed material. Mexican palm thatches are the most popular varieties and are predominantly used in commercial buildings. These palapa thatches are made from woven dried palm leaves and survive for as long as 3-5 years depending on the treatment they get. Other than that, African reed thatches,Tahitian thatches and the ones that are constructed out of synthetic are perfect for use in homes. The Tahitian and African varieties are pretty durable, primarily due to the type of sewing done on them and can survive for up to as long as 8-15 years. In spite of their promising durability, every palapa thatching needs palapa thatch replacements after a certain time period, as the thatches tend to worn out on getting exposed to natural aggressors like pollutants, strong wind and rain.

Palapa kits are some of the best bets for those who are amateurs in palapa installation and for those who want to install the palapa themselves in their homes. Palapa kits come packed with all the accessories which are required to set up a palapa. All the accessories are pre-designed and cut to help the person set up the palapa himself, without having to design or cut the individual parts, as is required in custom-made palapas. Although palapa kits offer an easier method of installation, they provide no option for customization. However, choosing the right materials and maintaining your palapa will depend completely on you and your fascinations.

Summary: Palapas have gained a huge popularity for their natural and rugged looks and add a level of comfort to any building rooftops or gardens. There are many varieties of palapa thatching, replacements and palapa kits available in the market and you can go through all of those to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Know more about how to create a stunning effect with tiki hut roofing
The most prominent structure of any tiki bar or tiki hut is the roofing. It is the roofing that offers a cool shelter in hot weather and adds a style quotient to the place where it has been installed. However, choosing the proper hut roof materials and installing tiki bar roofs can be a really hectic task. There is a wide variety of materials available for tiki hut roofing and you must use your discretionary power to settle for the one that will best suite your needs.

Tiki hut roofing should be ideally done by an expert who is well versed with the installation process and associated technicalities like measurements. However, installing tiki bar roofs is a no big deal. All it needs is proper selection of the palm hut roof materials. Tiki bar roofs are primarily constructed out of dried leaves and reeds. However other than that, synthetic materials are also being used now-a-days to extend the longevity of the tiki bar roofs. In spite of being crafted out of synthetic fibers, synthetic tiki bar roofs have the natural and rugged look that natural tiki bar roofs provide. The best thing about using synthetic thatched roofs is that they are stronger and have a longer shelf life than the natural varieties and appear absolutely genuine like natural thatched roofs. Other than being available in pre-designed formats, synthetic tiki bar roofs are also available in the form of scratch parts like thatch rolls, bundles, cones and panels.

Although synthetic thatch roofs may be preferred for their durability, people often tend to settle for natural tiki hut roofing materials which are crafted out of natural fibers like palm leaves and reeds. Some of the most popular varieties of tiki thatch roofing styles are Mexican, African and Tahitian thatched roofing. While the Mexican and Tahitian styles make use of different varieties of dried palm leaves, the African style thatched roofs use closely knitted cape reeds. Palm huts are characterized by thatched roofs made out of dried palm leaves, which are sewed strongly either manually or by machines. The sewing is done by incorporating various types palm hut roof materials like palm thatch rolls, runners, cones and panels. Although palm hut roof materials may not last as long as synthetic tiki bar roofs, the natural varieties are often preferred due to their environment friendly nature and the comfort that natural fibers like palm leaves provide. Palm thatch panels and rolls can be bought individually from the market, which are designed to give each thatched roof a distinct style of its own. However; other than investing and crafting tiki bar roofs from scratch materials, you can also invest in tiki roof kits, which come loaded with pre-designed materials for ease of installation.

Summary: Tiki huts not only add a striking visual appeal to the place where they are installed but also makes the place more desirable to sit and enjoy with friends and family. Tiki huts and bars are characterized by thatched roofs, which are primarily constructed from natural fibers like palm leaves and reeds. Other than that, palm hut roof materials are also crafted out of synthetic, which ensure higher durability and longevity.

Give your Decor a Pick-Me-Up with Bamboo
Using bamboo to carry out remodeling projects is a no-brainer. Bamboo cane grows quickly, coming to maturity in just seven years, and offers a truly environmentally-friendly material to beautify any space where it is used.

Don’t Be Afraid to Do it Yourself Incorporating bamboo poles into do-it-yourself home improvement projects is both easy and affordable. From providing shade for your patio to updating the cabinets in your kitchen, bamboo offers a unique beauty and durability. Some of the easiest projects involving bamboo are outlined below.

Giving the Deck or Patio a Shady Face-Lift

If you’ve got a deck or patio, you can make it more inviting and keep it cooler by using bamboo poles to create a roof. Half bamboo poles can be laid side-by-side, either tightly or spaced slightly apart, to provide a beautiful roof that provides shade, keeping your patio or deck cooler during hot summer days. Bamboo sticks can be used to build the entire structure, even the supports, meaning that your deck or patio will not only be more inviting, it will also be more pleasing to the eye. You can even fasten bamboo to the existing supports for your deck, giving the whole thing a different look and feel.

Updating Interiors – Banisters Bamboo is far more durable than many other types of material and can even be employed as a banister for interior balcony spaces and stairs. In homes that have an open floor plan, an interior second-floor balcony is not uncommon. Replacing the banister and attendant slats with bamboo gives the whole space a new feeling and is an easy way to give the home a new style. Bamboo has a beautiful linear grain that will make your guests take a second look when using the stairs or leaning against the balcony rail.

Gardening Bamboo can also be useful in the garden. Plants like tomatoes and cucumbers need a good place to climb and bamboo poles are an excellent choice. No longer will your nasturtiums have to climb on cheap plastic frames. Bamboo can provide a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing framework for any climbing plant, from jasmine to bougainvillea and beyond.

Creating Pleasing Spaces Bamboo has a wonderful natural glow and grain that sets it above other, more traditional, remodeling materials. It can lend a tropical island feel or sublime elegance to any space and requires no staining. It is less susceptible to moisture and does not swell or contract as traditional wood does, making it perfect for applications in the kitchen or bathroom. It requires only a clear coat of sealant to stay beautiful for years. Its beauty and durability make bamboo an extremely good choice for any remodeling project where long-term beauty and usefulness are important factors. It is one of the best green options for remodeling available today.

Wholesale bamboo poles can reduce the overall cost of larger projects and bamboo is comparable in price to more traditional building materials. It’s important to keep in mind that the quality and durability are far above that found in traditional products.

Using bamboo to carry out remodeling projects is a no-brainer. Bamboo cane grows quickly, coming to maturity in just seven years, and offers a truly environmentally-friendly material to beautify any space where it is used.

Bamboo Slats Provide Wonderful Accents in Home Improvement Projects
Bamboo is a tough, durable grass that grows very quickly. It grows to maturity for harvest in just seven years and is also naturally water-resistant. Bamboo slats are created by splitting the culm of the bamboo into several pieces, which are semi-flat. These semi-flat pieces are then further processed to flatten them further. This is accomplished through the removal of the softer, interior plant matter and its attendant membranes. A plane is used to remove uneven portions from the slats and results in uniform, flat pieces of bamboo that can be employed in many different home improvement projects.

Durable and Beautiful Edging

Bamboo slats can be employed in a garden setting as an edging for individual plots, lending the garden a more organized and orderly appearance. It can be used along driveways or sidewalks to delineate between grassy and asphalted areas. Bamboo slats can also be used to showcase special portions of the garden, allowing attention to be drawn to exotic or show-quality plants.

Edging is very easy to install, particularly when bamboo slats are used. It only requires a small, shallow trench to be dug in the area where edging is to be installed. The trench can be easily dug by hand using simple garden implements like a trowel. Most bamboo slats for sale have instructions included that specify exactly the depth to which they must be set for maximum performance.

Installing bamboo edging is as simple as choosing the best color for your needs. With a little elbow grease and planning, bamboo slat edging can give any outdoor area a fantastic, natural look. It is especially effective in minimalist gardens but also works very well in more traditional garden settings. It can even be used to demarcate an area where live bamboo is growing to provide a natural and beautiful privacy screen.

Interior Uses

Bamboo is found in many different areas of the home. It can be fashioned into utensils, woven to create mats for floors or tables and can even be used to create furniture and cabinetry. Bamboo wall slats can be used to create the natural, warm glow of bamboo construction in every room of a home easily and affordably. Bamboo ceiling slats can be employed in sunrooms or other areas to help create a natural feel. It is endlessly versatile, environmentally friendly and provides a much better value than other types of building and remodeling materials.

Large Projects

If you’re looking to do a lot of work, it might be useful to look into the availability of wholesale bamboo slats. While single slats can be purchased, it is typically more economical on larger jobs to search out wholesale pricing. It is important to keep in mind that bamboo provides a much higher quality and a much lower environmental impact than other types of building and remodeling materials. Using bamboo to complete home improvement projects will ensure that your projects remain beautiful for years to come. Its durability and versatility cannot be matched by any traditional material.

Building a Tiki Hut from the Ground Up
If you’re looking to bring an island feel to your next backyard barbecue, it’s hard to go wrong with a tiki bar. Building a tiki hut is easier than you might think. It’s an affordable way to bring the flavor of the Pacific isles to your back yard. Whether you’re going for a temporary structure or something a bit more permanent, tiki bars are a fun and functional way to bring the feel of the ocean to even the most landlocked yard.

What You’ll Need

For more permanent structures, the list of materials that will likely be needed include:

• Plywood

• Structural wood for framing

• Bamboo poles

• Palm leaves

• Bamboo slats

• Woven bamboo mats

• Decorations

• Thatched roofing

For a temporary tiki bar, you’ll only need some decorations, bamboo poles or mats, some thatched roofing, appropriate decor and a bar or table. Both temporary and permanent structures can be created affordably and quickly.

When building a tiki bar, a portable bar works best, but if you don’t have access to one, a table can work, too. The first thing you need to do is decide where you’re going to put your new tiki bar. It’s important to set up in a central location but not in the way of the natural flow of traffic around it. Positioning your bar near a main attraction like a pool or patio will allow your guests to enjoy the tiki bar and the party, too. It’s a good idea to set up on concrete or other solid surface if possible. Your grass could suffer if it rains and your heavy bar sinks into the soft ground.

Begin by attaching bamboo poles to the corners of the bar or table to provide support for a plywood or bamboo pole roof. If you’re using plywood for the roof, you’ll need to decorate it to conceal the look of the plywood, so make sure you have plenty of silk palm leaves or thatched roofing for your project. Bamboo poles don’t need to be so well-disguised and thatching is easy to attach and looks great.

You can stop as soon as you’ve attached and decorated the roof, but if you’d like to continue, bamboo mats or slats can be attached to the front and sides of the bar or table to conceal it completely. Add in paper lanterns, tiki torches (be mindful of the flammable nature of your hut), grass mats and other beach stuff to complete the look.

To build a more permanent structure, make sure you’ve got good plans and top-notch materials. Once you learn how to build a tiki hut, it’s important to complete it with fun and authentic décor to create a real island feel for your yard. Without the finishing touches, it won’t matter if you know how to build a tiki bar or not; it just won’t quite bring the right feel to your space. Some great things to include are those mentioned above, floating candles in your pool or backyard pond, seashells and driftwood or even a bit of sand.

Modern Thatched Roofing
From rolling English country-sides to warm Pacific islands, thatched roofing has been in use for many centuries. Thatched cottages exude charm in the pages of storybooks and thatched tiki huts call to mind the unique charisma of the islands. Even in faraway, exotic Africa, thatched roofs can be found in villages far and wide. Thatching is a time-honored craft, one of the oldest surviving today. It is a process that requires effort and time even though it is not terribly complex or hard to learn. In the past, thatching was carried out exclusively with locally available materials. Long bundles of grasses or other indigenous plants were employed to make a solid, dependable roof. Today, thatch rolls can be found through many retailers and thatched roofing is making a comeback among more environmentally-friendly construction markets, while tiki thatch rolls are making it easier than ever to thatch small areas like patios (or tiki bars).

Choosing a Thatched Roof For any thatching project, you first need to determine the total area to be thatched. This is important before you start shopping for materials, including thatch runners and thatch weather strips or thatch roof panels. Each of these cover a specific area and knowing the total you need can forestall any problems with running out before you’re done with the project.

Thatched roofing is intended to keep a structure dry and the density of a thatched roof is a good deterrent for pests. Thatch is much more environmentally friendly than traditional asphalt shingle roofing. The materials used typically grow very quickly and are easy to harvest sustainably.

Thatch is often considered more aesthetically pleasing by individuals seeking a more natural way to build their homes and it carries the weight of having been a sustainable and durable roofing material for many hundreds of years. With the availability of thatch rolls and thatch roof panels, installing a thatched roof is both easier and less time-consuming than it has been previously.

Thatching a Roof When installing thatching, it’s important to realize that the newer options for thatching are a recent advent. The actual process of thatching with “wads” or “bottles” (the names given to thatch bundles) requires that the roof be absolutely packed with the bound thatch bundles. You have to begin at the eaves, packing the bundles as tightly as possible. They have to be pinned in place with “sways.” Sways can be made of wood or steel and are rods which hold the thatching in place on the rafters.

Long straw thatch must then be placed vertically atop the packed layer of thatching and attached through “thatching crooks” and additional sways. Crooks can be up to about twelve inches long, are made of iron and look a bit like nails. They hold the vertical long straw and have a hook that is made to fit into the sway. These steps are repeated again and again, always keeping the surface even and applying vertical thatch weather strips as the final layer. It is an intensive process.

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Martin's Fantasy Island, Grand Island, NY

Memphis Kiddie Park, Brooklyn, OH

Michigan's Adventure, Muskegon, MI

Midway Park, Bemus Point, NY

Mile High Flea Market, Henderson, CO

Milky Way Adventure Park, Bideford,

Miner Mike's Adventure Town, Osage Beach, MO

Mirabilandia, Savio,

Mirabilandia Brazil, Olinda,

Miracle Strip Pier Park, Panama City Beach, FL

Morey's Adventure Pier, Wildwood, NJ

Morey's Mariner's Landing, Wildwood, NJ

Morey's Surfside Pier, Wildwood, NJ

Motor World Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, VA

Movie Park Germany, Bottrop-Kirchhellen,

Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Nürburgring, Nürburg,

Nagashima Spa Land, Nagashima,

NASCAR SpeedPark, Sevierville, TN

Nasu Highland Park, Nasu,

New York New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Nickelodeon Universe, Bloomington, MN

Noah's Ark, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Nut Tree Family Park, Vacaville, CA

O.D. Pavilion Amusement Park, North Myrtle Beach, SC

Oakland Zoo, Oakland, CA

Oaks Park, Portland, OR

Oakwood Theme Park, Narberth,

Oasis Lanes, El Paso, TX

Ocean Beach Park, New London, CT

Ocean Park, Hong Kong Island,

Old MacDonald's Farm, Brentwood,

Old Town, Kissimmee, FL

Pacific Park, Santa Monica, CA

Palace Playland, Old Orchard Beach, ME

Parc Asterix, Plailly,

Parque Warner Madrid, Madrid,

Paul Bunyan Land, Brainerd, MN

Paultons Park, Romsey,

Phantasialand, Brühl,

Pixieland Park, Concord, CA

Playland, Rye, NY

Playland, Vancouver,

Playland's Castaway Cove, Ocean City, NJ

Pleasure Beach Blackpool, Blackpool,

Pocono Mt. Go-Karts & Play Park, East Stroudsburg, PA

PortAventura, Salou,

Puyallup Fair, Puyallup, WA

Quassy Amusement Park, Middlebury, CT

Remlinger Farms, Carnation, WA

Riverfront Park, Spokane, WA

Rotary Storyland & Playland, Fresno, CA

Route 66 Carousel Park, Joplin, MO

Safari Land, Villa Park, IL

Saginaw County Fairgrounds, Chesaning, MI

Sam's Fun City, Pensacola, FL

Sandspit, Hunter River,

Sandy Lake Amusement Park, Carrollton, TX

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, CA

Santa's Land, Cherokee, NC

Santa's Village, Bracebridge,

Santa's Village, Jefferson, NH

Santa's Workshop, North Pole, NY

Santa's Workshop, Cascade, CO

Sauble Beach Amusements, Sauble Beach,

Scandia Family Fun Center, Sacramento, CA

Scandia Fun Center, Ontario, CA

Schnepf Farms, Queen Creek, AZ

Sea World Australia, Surfers Paradise,

Seabreeze Amusement Park, Rochester, NY

SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, FL

SeaWorld San Antonio, San Antonio, TX

SeaWorld San Diego, San Diego, CA

Sesame Place, Langhorne, PA

Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO

Silverwood Theme Park, Athol, ID

Sir Goony's Family Fun Center, Chattanooga, TN

Six Flags America, Upper Marlboro, MD

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, CA

Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio, TX

Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ

Six Flags Great America, Gurnee, IL

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA

Six Flags Mexico, Mexico City,

Six Flags New England, Agawam, MA

Six Flags Over Georgia, Austell, GA

Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, TX

Six Flags St. Louis, Eureka, MO

Six Gun City and Fort Splash, Jefferson, NH

Skateland, Omaha, NE

Southern Adventures, Huntsville, AL

Spring Park, Tuscumbia, AL

Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ

Story Land, Glen, NH

Storybook Land, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Stratosphere Tower Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Stricker's Grove, Ross, OH

Sylvan Beach Amusement Park, Sylvan Beach, NY

Terra Mítica, Benidorm,

That Fun Place, Greenfield, IN

The Funplex, Mt. Laurel, NJ

The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom, Lake George, NY

Thorpe Park, Chertsey,

Timber Falls Adventure Golf, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Tinkertown, Winnipeg,

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen,

Tokyo Dome City (LaQua), Bunkyo,

Toverland, Sevenum,

Trafalga Fun Center, Lehi, UT

Train Town, Sonoma, CA

Trimper's Rides, Ocean City, MD

Tuscora Park, New Philadelphia, OH

TusenFryd, Vinterbro,

Uncle Bernie's Amusement Park, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Universal Studios Florida, Orlando, FL

Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal City, CA

Universal Studios Japan, Konohana,

Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa Island,

Universal's Islands of Adventure, Orlando, FL

Upper Clements Park, Annapolis Royal,

Valleyfair, Shakopee, MN

Victorian Gardens at Wollman Rink, New York, NY

Waldameer Park, Erie, PA

Walibi Belgium, Wavre,

Walibi World, Biddinghuizen,

Walt Disney Studios Park, Marne la Vallée,

Warner Bros. Movie World, Gold Coast,

Waterville USA, Gulf Shores, AL

Western Playland, Sunland Park, NM

Wiener Prater, Vienna,

Wild Adventures, Valdosta, GA

Wild Island Family Adventure Park, Sparks, NV

Wild Water and Wheels, Peterborough,

Wild Waves, Federal Way, WA

Wild Zone Adventures, Chatham,

Wonderland Park, Amarillo, TX

Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, MO

Yomiuriland, Inagi,

York's Wild Kingdom, York, ME

Zonkers, Olathe, KS

Zuma Fun Center, Houston, TX

Zuma Fun Center Knoxville, Knoxville, TN

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