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Duck Hunting Boat Grass Blinds
Duck Hunting Boat Grass Blinds

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Boat Blinds for Duck Hunting

When it comes to duck hunting, staying camo is the key to success. Thatís why blinds are so essential for duck boat hunting. Duck hunting blinds conceal duck hunting sportsmen from their prey by creating a tent structure over the boat and camouflaging seamlessly with the surroundings. If you use the best quality duck hunting blinds while hunting, waterfowl will be unaware of your presence and you can make the shot more easily.

There are many duck boat blinds for hunting available, but duck boats come in more sizes than one. Rather than settling for one size and style that costs more than you want to spend, you can create your own custom duck boat blinds! The Shack Importer offers the best quality duck hunting blinds, priced cheap but still durable and long lasting.

Hunters can create their own rapid deploy, fold over boat blinds designed fit their personal specifications. Simply refer to your duck boat plans or measure the length of your waterfowl boat, then determine how many inches you need for height and calculate the number of yards you will need to construct duck boat blinds you want for hunting. We offer several lengths of duck blind grass roll material to choose from.

Other Duck Hunting Supplies

We also offer additional supplies that help you stay hidden on the water. From natural fast grass mats for your duck blinds to fast grass mats that will cover your entire boat, we have the best quality waterfowl boat camo materials there are. Rather than spending tons of money at your local outdoor emporium, you can camo your boat for cheap! Just view your duck hunting boat plans to choose the length of raffia grass or grass mats you need and cut it to size.

Your friends on the Duck Hunting Chat forum will tell you: Making your own custom waterfowl boat fast grass mats is the way to go. On the prairie in Virginia, Arkansas and Maryland, this is how they do it. From duck hunting material for boat blinds that cover you, to fast grass mats you can skillfully hide behind, we keep you camo with our best quality duck hunting supplies. Our pit blind tops utilizes exclusive knotted weave allowing mat to be cut without unraveling.

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4ft x 4ft Duck Blinds (4) Panels
55"x 40ft Grass Hunting Blind Mat Roll
55"x 30ft Grass Hunting Blind Mat Roll
52"x 20ft Grass Hunting Blind Mat Roll   PRE-ORDER
52"x 10ft Grass Hunting Blind Mat Roll
Hiding in Plain Sight: Duck Hunting Boat Grass and Boat Binds

Duck hunting is about more than just sitting on the water and shooting birds. If youíve been duck hunting for any length of time, you know that. You donít go through all the trouble of getting out on the lake just to waste time, so you need materials and boat blinds that will work well. Just like you wouldnít go out in the rain without an umbrella, you probably wouldnít want to go duck hunting without the proper camouflage. Thatís where boat grass and boat blinds come in handy. But how do you choose the right boat grass and boat blinds? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Your goal should be to hide in plain sight. You canít be so far away from the ducks that you wonít have a chance at shooting one, but if youíre going to head into their territory, you canít just waltz in with any old camouflage. If your boat blinds arenít effective, your day on the lake is going to be a waste of time, and youíll scare off all the birds. Thatís why itís so important to have proper boat grass and boat blinds.

Your Boat Grass and Boat Blinds Should Match the Scenery

When youíre shopping for boat grass or boat blinds, make sure that what youíre looking at matches the scenery in which youíll be hunting. Give the ducks some credit; theyíre far more observant than you might think. The slightest change in color, texture, or length could be an indication that something isnít right. You have to think about your boat grass and boat blinds the same way you would the building materials in a city. You live in your town, and you know it well, so if you woke up tomorrow and the house across the street was suddenly made of stone, youíd look long and hard. You would know something wasnít right, because it didnít look that way yesterday, and youíd probably be suspicious. Ducks feel the same way if the boat grass you use is out of place. You must blend in with the neighborhood if you intend to gain the trust of the residents.

Your Boat Blinds Must Provide Range of Sight

Of course, you wonít be catching many ducks if your boat blinds are too hard to see through, either. You have to consider the density and the placement of your boat blinds to ensure that youíll be able to see and make the shot. Make sure the boat blinds you purchase are able to cover your entire boat without obstructing your view or making it awkward or difficult to shoot from. Having customizable boat blinds is the best way to go.

Customizable Boat Blinds

There are many boat blinds available that come in one large size. However, duck boats come in a wide range of sizes, lengths, and widths, so itís not always the best option to choose a one size fits all product. Instead, try to find boat blind panels or materials that you can use to create the perfect blinds for your boat. As you go to customize your blinds, think about whether or not you should trim or style your boat blinds in order to better blend in with the surroundings. The more you can make your blinds look like the foliage and grass around the duckís habitat, the better the chances are that youíll make the shot.

Choose to shop for the boat blind material itself rather than the full blinds. You can create your own rapid deploy boat blinds, fold over boat blinds, or another style of blind and customize it to fit your boatís specification. All you have to do is look at the plans for your boat and measure the length of your boat. After that, simply figure out how many yards youíll need and purchase that much material. Itís a great way to ensure youíre not overspending but to also ensure that youíll be able to cover your entire boat, a crucial factor in successful hunting.

Grass Mats as Boat Blinds

You can also look for grass mats if you want to create your own boat blinds as these can often come in handy. Grass sometimes blends in better with the surroundings than typical boat blind material, so if youíre going to hunt in areas where boat grass might be preferential to your typical blinds, thatís an alternative to keep in mind.

Beware the Fancy Blinds

Some companies offer very expensive pop-up blinds that have camouflage print on the outside. They claim to be better than your standard boat blinds or boat grass, but most experienced hunters will tell you that the opposite is true. Those blinds have a few problems, one being that even though theyíre very expensive, they donít hold up to the wear and tear that a typical hunting season will put them through. Natural materials like grass and thatch are much sturdier, especially when you create your own blinds using yards of material. Secondly, the expensive pop-up frame boat blinds donít actually fool ducks. They look synthetic, they donít have the same texture and properties as a natural material, and they look awkward. While the old adage ďyou get what you pay forĒ might be true for some things, itís not when it comes to boat blinds.

When it comes to duck hunting, the material you use to camouflage your boat might be the most important tool you have- except for your gun, of course. You donít want to go through the challenges of hunting unless youíre giving yourself the best chance of success. Fortunately, by using natural materials that you can roll out and customize to fit your boat, you can create boat grass and boat blinds that help you have the most successful hunting season yet. We have a wide range of duck hunting materials, from boat blinds and boat grass to other natural materials and products that can help you take your hunting game to the next level.