Our thatch sealer is designed for real Mexican palm thatch roll runners, palapas, Tahitian thatch rolls

Thatch Sealer
Thatch Sealer
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Our Thatch Sealer is Hands Down the Best

Because it Lasts the Longest!

Thatch Sealer from Tiki Shack Importer is the only thatch sealer on the market designed for high moisture and very hot temperature climates causing longer life to your thatch material. About 1 to 2 more years if applied correctly*. This product only works on roofs that are not sheeted, roof needs to be a open air roof with cross slats

It also triggers the immediate exodus of both free and bound water in the fiber structure and cellular make up of thatch.

The thatch is less likely to moisture, either air borne humidity or in liquid form. Expansion and contraction of the thatch ceases and total dimensional stability is obtained, protecting thatch as it ages.

The end result of the treatment renders the thatch 100% insect free also.

Our Thatch Sealer Penetrates Deeper

In Even the Harshest of Climates!

Unlike other sealers and other proprietary coatings currently being utilized Worldwide and only lasting for short periods of time, this product penetrates deeper than any known alternative and what's more, it actually continues to work for extremely long periods in most climates. Excludes abnormal weather and non moisture draining subroofs.

How to Use our Thatch Sealer

All You Need is a Paint Sprayer and a Coat!

When applying to your thatch or bamboo wall covering simply use a paint sprayer and coat, applying it very heavy the first time on both sides and let dry. Depending on your climate, drying times vary. Our thatch sealer is quite simply the product to use for palm thatch materials.

Each gallon covers about 225 sq ft which is 1 30"x60' Thatch Roll both sides. Comes in 1 Gallon Jug.

Please note that this is not Thompson's or Olympic Water sealer. These products will dry thatch out and take away your thatch life.

*2 years if we spray Thatch Sealer.

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