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Bamboo Poles
Bamboo Poles

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We are now carrying Artificial Synthetic Bamboo Poles. Please click on our link to our other website for a large selection of bamboo poles for sale. CLICK HERE FOR BAMBOO POLES

Our Bamboo Poles are Perfect for Walls, Ceilings, Fences - you Name It!

And For Your Tiki Bar or Hut!

For a genuine tiki hut or tiki bar experience, building with decorative bamboo poles is the way to go!

Bamboo poles are far more authentic, sturdy than a hardwood poles, and true to the tropical aesthetic you want to create.

The same is true for flooring: bamboo split half rounds are the ideal flooring material for your tiki hut or tiki bar.

About Bamboo Poles

A Fantastic Renewable Resource!

Bamboo is not only more authentic; itís also Eco-friendly, because unlike most hardwoods, itís an easily renewable resource.

Harvesting bamboo is less impactful on local Eco-systems than traditional hardwood logging.

Bamboo poles are highly durable, yet very lightweight; this makes them easy to install, and a reliable building material.

When building a tiki bar or hut, consider bamboo poles and bamboo slats first.

Why Choose our Bamboo Poles?

All Colors/Sizes and 100% Authentic! Please note that bamboo poles are measured at the widest point.

Tiki Shack Importer imports bamboo poles directly from China, so you can assured of their authenticity and quality. With these decorative bamboo poles, youíll never feel closer to the tropical climes you strive to invoke in your backyard!

As they came from the wet climate of their native land, our wholesale bamboo poles are in excellent condition when they arrive at your door!.

Our premium grade bamboo poles are available in lengths that range from 4 feet to 12 feet*, with several different variations to choose from.

We offer several colors of bamboo poles and split half rounds, including black bamboo poles, mahogany bamboo poles and the popular light wood variety. No matter what your decorating scheme, we have a color and style that will be a perfect fit.

We WON'T Be Beaten on Price for Bamboo Poles

That's our Guarantee at Tiki Shack Importer!

We offer the most competitive prices on all our bamboo poles and bamboo slats for sale. Weíre committed to only bringing you the best products available Ė nothing less.

*Due to the character of this natural product, sizes are approximate and are measured at the widest end and are not always straight. In climates that differ greatly from the native climates, bamboo poles can crack during shipping when climates change. We do not ship cracked bamboo. Bamboo Poles also do not grow straight and will also be tapered so they will be smaller at the narrowest end. Keep this in mind before ordering bamboo poles. Sorry we do not replace bamboo poles if they crack. All sales are final.

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1"x 94" Premium Grade Bamboo Poles (3 Poles)
1"x 94" Premium Grade Bamboo Poles (6 Poles)
1"x 94" Premium Grade Bamboo Poles (12 Poles)
1"x 94" Premium Grade Bamboo Poles (25 Poles)
2"x 8ft Synthetic Bamboo Poles (1 Poles)
2"x 8ft Synthetic  Bamboo Poles (2 Poles)
2"x 8ft Artificial Bamboo Poles (3 Poles)
3"x 8ft Artificial Bamboo Poles (1 Poles)
3"x 8ft Artificial Bamboo Poles (2 Poles)
4"x 8ft Artificial Bamboo Poles (1 Poles)
4"x 8ft Artificial Bamboo Poles (2 Poles)
5"x 8ft Artificial Bamboo Poles (1 Poles)
5"x 8ft Artificial Bamboo Poles (2 Poles)
1"x 4' Premium Grade Bamboo Poles (25 Poles)
2"x 4' Premium Grade Bamboo Poles (10 Poles)
3"x 4' Premium Grade Bamboo Poles (4 Poles)
4"x 4' Premium Grade Bamboo Poles (4 Poles)
5"x 4' Premium Grade Bamboo Poles ( 2 Poles )
5.5"x 4' Premium Grade Bamboo Poles ( 2 Poles )
Bamboo Pole Black Speckled 1.25"x 94" (10 Poles)
Bamboo Pole Black Speckled 1.25"x 6' (10 Poles)
Bamboo Pole Black Speckled 1.25"x 4' (10 Poles)
2" x 94" Split Half Rounds (20)
3" x 94" Split Half Rounds (8)
4" x 94" Split Half Rounds (6)
5" x 94" Split Half Rounds (4)
5.6" x 94" Split Half Rounds (4)
Bamboo Poles: Decorating with Ease

Bamboo is a natural resource that is widely available, and its supply is growing every day. Its widespread availability is part of the reason bamboo poles and other products have become increasingly popular over the last few years both in North America and in surrounding countries. Bamboo products are versatile, durable, and attractive, which is why natural bamboo items have been utilized in building materials, decorative options, and home improvement projects. If youíre looking for a great way to upgrade the look of your home, bamboo poles, sticks, and canes are some great options, both for indoor and outdoor purposes. 

Bamboo poles, sticks, and canes can transform your yard into a tropical landscape thatís warm and inviting. There are several options within the home, as well, where you can use them for privacy, decoration, and accent pieces. If youíve looked at the variety of options available, you know that there are many options for purchasing bamboo poles, sticks, and canes, ranging from bulk and wholesale options to single purchases. Whether youíre looking for a three- or four-foot cane for a small accent or eight- to ten-foot bamboo canes for your yard, youíll be able to find the bamboo accents that are right for you. 


Bamboo poles, sticks, and canes are an excellent choice for those wishing to construct privacy fences or barriers both inside and in your outdoor space. If youíre looking for a Zen-like space where you can invite guests, relax on your own, or spend time with a special someone, bamboo poles are a great option for creating that intimate seating area. Bamboo poles come in a wide range of natural, warm colors, so you can blend them with whatever decor you currently have. Another option is to section off your pool for safety or to create a more attractive barrier around an unattractive heating unit or shed.

Indoors, bamboo poles, canes, and sticks can be used as decor pieces to add a modern yet rustic flair to the atmosphere. Placing bamboo poles of varying hues and sizes in a large vase is an excellent accent piece for a home office or entryway. You can also use them to create a unique, tropical headboard, wall divider, or room within a room. If you have a studio apartment, for instance, you could partition your space into usable ďroomsĒ by utilizing bamboo poles.


Bamboo has been used in traditional design and architectural elements for thousands of years. The earliest Asian cultures and societies used bamboo in both their art and design, and that popularity has extended through to modern global society. One of the appeals of bamboo is that itís environmentally friendly. Itís the fastest-growing plant on the planet, and because it can be harvested every three years - as opposed to most trees, which take 30 to 50 years to grow - itís a green choice.

Thanks to the growing popularity of green and ecologically sound design, bamboo products continue to rise in popularity. Purchasing bamboo products means youíre not contributing to deforestation, which the purchase of regular hardwoods makes inevitable, and youíre using a sustainable resource that will be replenished soon.

However, using bamboo isnít just good for the environment, itís good for your project, too. This amazing resource is much stronger than regular wood, it lasts longer, and itís more durable and sustainable as a construction material and design element. Bamboo poles are some of the most popular bamboo items in production today, along with bamboo fencing, and you canít go wrong incorporating this beautiful material into your home.


Bamboo poles come in a wide variety of color choices and styles. They are exceptionally durable, so you can use them in a wide range of garden and outdoor projects. While there are endless ways you can use bamboo, here are a few popular ideas to get you started. 

Around the garden: furniture, landscaping patterns, edging, privacy fencing, deck decor, pool and pond enclosures, vegetation backdrops, and more. Around the home: rugs, mats, chairs, room dividers, screens, railings, decor, art pieces, headboards, and more.

Bamboo's natural longevity and beauty make it an exceptional product for decor and home building uses.

Natural Bamboo Poles - Natural tan bamboo poles are a popular choice in nearly every country. Theyíre a natural, decorative accent that appeals to minimalists and decor junkies alike. Since they come in so many different sizes, widths, and colors, you can mix and match them to create an endless array of styles. You can also dye them if youíd like a richer hue.

Carbonized Bamboo Poles - If rich amber tones and darker colors are more of what youíre after, carbonized bamboo poles might be the perfect solution for you. They have shadowed accents around the various nodes, and their warm, deep colors look great with earth and jewel tones. You can easily cut and arrange these poles to your specifications. Speckled Bamboo Poles - Speckled bamboo is a natural bamboo with darker spots surrounding the nodes. This type of bamboo also works well for any type of art project or function around the home. You can use them for privacy screens, vase decorations, wall accent pieces, picture frames and much more. They can be easily bought in bulk and shipped directly to your door.

Black Bamboo Poles - Black bamboo is natural bamboo that has gone through a dye treatment to boast a darker, blacker tone. You can use them as a modern decoration or as a way to complement the natural or caramelized bamboo poles you already own. These poles also come in a wide variety of colors and lengths, so you can easily decorate your space perfectly.

Split Bamboo Poles - Split bamboo poles are natural bamboo poles that have been split down the middle. Also called half round or bamboo halve poles, these poles are typically used for fences, furniture, and wall decor. Theyíre even more lightweight than the full bamboo poles and are a bit easier to manage for certain projects like wall-mounted framing. You can utilize the flat edge in a variety of creative ways and make them work for you in ways that regular bamboo poles wouldnít.

Since bamboo is a natural product, it will display color variations that will change and evolve over time. Additionally, itís well known that bamboo may crack over time, as well, but cracked bamboo is just as strong and high-quality as its flawless counterpart. Youíll be amazed at how many design solutions can be achieved utilizing bamboo poles, sticks, and canes throughout your home.

Bamboo Poles