Bamboo Slats

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Sold in 1.75 wide in 6ft & 8ft lengths. Bamboo Slats are sold in bundles of 25 & 50. If there is a quantity that you don't see please contact us for quote.

Bamboo Slats are What Make Beautiful Wall Decoration!

Bamboo slats are processed from bamboo shoots and prepared into beautiful accent pieces for walls, ceilings, bar facing and trim, support post and counter tops.

Bamboo slats also trim picture frames and mirrors. They are used for chair rails and wall dividers, bar facing, ceilings ect. Entire Tiki bars are made from bamboo slats.

Our Beautiful Bamboo Slat Colors and Sizes

Our bamboo slats are sold in natural, stained mahogany, stained black and smoked carbonized colors, burnt, and raw green. They are sold in a standard size of 1.75 inches wide by 6-feet & 8-feet long but can easily be cut to size. Please note that all colored bamboo slats can have many color variations in them due to the dying process, some can have a shinny gloss to them. Example Mahogany will have reds, light browns, dark browns, burgundy etc. Smoked will be light or dark in colors. Black will be light or dark and will have a shinny gloss. There is no way to control this. Please consider before buying. Bamboo is non returnable.

Installation of Bamboo Slats - So Easy!

A bamboo slat is installed easily using screws and nails by inserting into a pre-drilled hole in the bamboo slat. You may use a floor adhesive or a commercial wood glue such as gorilla wood glue.

Please Note: If you need a detailed guide to bamboo slat installation please request through our email address at the upper right corner of our website.

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25 Natural Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft
50 Natural Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft
25 Natural Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x94"
50 Natural Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x94"
1 Sample Piece Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x 2 ft. Pick A Color
25 Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x2ft
25 Burnt Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft
50 Burnt Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft
25 Burnt Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x94"
50 Burnt Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x94"
25 Smoked Carbonized Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft
50 Smoked Carbonized Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft
25 Smoked Carbonized Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x94"
50 Smoked Carbonized Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x94"
25 Mahogany Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft
50 Mahogany Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft
25 Mahogany Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x94"
50 Mahogany Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x94"
25 Raw Green Bamboo Slats 1.75"x6ft
50 Raw Green Bamboo Slats 1.75"x6ft
25 Raw Green Bamboo Slats 1.75"x94"
50 Raw Green Bamboo Slats 1.75"x94"
25 Black Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft
50 Black Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft
25 Black Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x94"
50 Black Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x94"
25 Blue Black Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft
50 Blue Black Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft
Bamboo Slats: The Ultimate Trimming and Facing Solution

Trimming and facing upgrades are an essential part of home improvement and renovation. However, there are many trimming and facing materials available, and you might feel overwhelmed by all the options. You’re not alone; many homeowners struggle to find the perfect material for their home renovation projects. However, many have also discovered the benefits of bamboo slats for trimming and facing.

The Benefits of Bamboo Slats

There are many beautiful ways to incorporate bamboo slats in your home, such as a fully trimmed natural bamboo wall covering as an accent. Bamboo slats are processed from natural bamboo shoots and can be used to transform your home in a number of ways. You can use them on the ceilings, walls, as trim, along with support posts, in bar areas, and as wainscoting, to name a few. It’s a strong, durable, and eco-friendly resource that is rising in popularity as environmental consciousness and awareness expand.

Bamboo slats have a flat edge, which makes them perfect for decorating in tight corners and small spaces. They’re very easy to install, and you can purchase them in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors, making them useful for any project. Additionally, you can find bamboo slats at wholesale pricing, many times with fast and free delivery options available, so you can get started on that project right away. This sustainable and versatile material is easy to maintain and lasts for decades so you can enjoy your new bamboo facing and trimming for years to come.  

How to applying Bamboo Slats

When you receive your bamboo slats you’ll notice that they come in a uniform size. However, you can easily take a saw blade and trim your slats to any desired length, giving you the ability to customize your entire project. While bamboo does fade naturally over time, you can apply a UV-resistant sealant, which will help preserve the natural color. However, the natural evolution of bamboo eventually gives way to a beautiful silvery appearance that is just as beautiful as the original color, so the choice is yours. After you’ve achieved the dimensions you need, just glue the slats into place, and you’re done. Whether you’re finally creating that tiki bar or applying facing to an interior wall, you’ll find that decorating with bamboo slats is fast, easy, and beautiful.

The Many Uses of Bamboo Slats

Bamboo slats have a variety of in home, both interior and exterior. Here are just a few of the uses for bamboo slats.

Art Pieces and Decor: For an artistic touch, paint bamboo slats and cut them to frame art, mirrors, or dividers.

Blinds: Enjoy this lightweight, easy-to-clean material for your new blinds.

Trim: Updating your window and door trim? Bamboo slats are a great way to add elegance and charm in a snap.

Facing: Bamboo slats can be made to fit ceilings and walls and can even stand in for wainscoting. If you’re looking to upgrade your wall facing, consider bamboo slats as an alternative to costly and environmentally harmful materials like timber. Bamboo is lightweight, as well, so you can transport and work with it much more easily than you can hardwood, timber, and vinyl. An added benefit is that processing bamboo requires far fewer chemicals than timber or other synthetic materials, so you’re introducing an eco-friendly and safe product into your home.

Bamboo Slat Color Options One of the best features of bamboo slats is the variety of colors in which you can order it. From naturally differentiating varieties to dyed bamboo, you can take this eco-friendly, durable material and use it to create ultra modern design elements or rustic, tribal decor simply by choosing a different color choice. The main color choices for bamboo slats are natural, tortoise, natural burnt, mahogany, carbonized, speckled, and natural black.

Natural Bamboo Slats - For a natural, organic appearance, this style of bamboo slats is the best option. Include them anywhere in your home for a rustic but elegant feel straight from Tahiti.

Tortoise Bamboo Slats - For a natural look with more variation in tone, tortoise bamboo slats are a perfect alternative. As the name implies, this variety of bamboo slat resembles a tortoise shell, giving off a rich range of hues in a beautiful, mottled design. This highly sought after ornamental bamboo variety is rare, and slats made from it are sure to add a unique, tribal flair to your home.

Natural Burnt Bamboo Slats - This variety of bamboo slat resembles the natural bamboo variety but the edges appear as though they’ve been burnt. This popular color adds a rustic, organic feel to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Mahogany Bamboo Slats - This bamboo slat variety is so-named because it has been dyed a mahogany color, which makes it perfect for modern decor and design elements.

Carbonized Bamboo Slats - Carbonized bamboo slats have a natural appearance, but the nodes and subtle changes in texture have a darker, more caramelized look.

Speckled Bamboo Slats - This unique style of bamboo slat is spotted and speckled without looking too busy or cluttered. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a bit more variety in the look of your bamboo slats.

Natural Black Bamboo Slats - Enjoy all the benefits of natural bamboo in a deep, black hue. This variety is great for modern design schemes.

There are many ways to incorporate bamboo slats into your home decor. Choose mahogany or natural black if you’re trying to add an organic element to your design scheme without sacrificing a modern look and appeal. For a more rustic, organic look, choose natural or carbonized bamboo slats, as they are the most authentic in appearance. Additionally, you can combine styles, turning the interior of your home into a modern, elegant space and saving the rustic varieties for an outdoor tiki bar. We have a wide range of high-quality bamboo slats that would be perfect for your trimming or facing project but don’t stop there. Use these slats to create blinds, wainscoting, frames, ceiling treatments, and virtually any other design element you can think of.  With bamboo slats, the choices are endless; you’re only limited by your imagination.