Artificial Palm Thatch & Artificial Reed Thatch With Class A Fire Retardant

Artificial Synthetic Thatch
Artificial Synthetic Thatch

Synthetic/Artificial Thatch is a Fantastic Roofing Alternative!

Natural thatch is beautiful, affordable and authentic. However, synthetic thatch roofing is a great alternative, particularly for those who are willing to pay a slightly higher price for material that will last several years longer.

Synthetic palm or reed thatch has a proven lifespan of up to 20 years, which means it lasts decades longer than natural thatch.

About our Synthetic Thatch at Tiki Shack Importer

Our synthetic thatch and artificial thatch panels are:

Class A Fire Retardant Artificial Thatch Panels

UV Resistant Faux Palm Thatch that won't Fade

Comes in panels for Easier Installation

Lifespan up to 20 Year

Artificial thatch roofing is mold resistant

At Tiki Shack Importer we offer artificial palm thatch and artificial reed thatch similar to bora bora thatch, Domingo palm thatch, Viro thatch panels, PVC thatching, plastic thatch, fiber thatch roofing and other faux thatch roofing/fake thatching products, with Class A fire retardant that makes these fire retardant synthetic thatch panels a safe, sound alternative to natural thatch roofing.

Our Synthetic Thatch Roofing is a More Economical Choice

As it can last for up to two decades! In most cases, natural thatch panels will need to be replaced at least twice during that time frame.

This extended longevity makes synthetic thatch roofing a good option for commercial applications, including theme parks, restaurants and playgrounds. These properties swear by simulated thatch roofs, particularly PVC thatch materials, fiber thatch roofs and plastic thatch roofs.

Synthetic Palm Thatch vs. Synthetic Reed Thatch

Whether you choose synthetic palm thatch or synthetic reed thatch depends on the look you wish to achieve. Consider whether you want an aesthetic that appears:

Tropical/Island African/Desert Cottage/Forest

Then, analyze our photos of synthetic thatch roofing to determine which type of artificial thatching best matches your desired aesthetic. All of our simulated thatch roofing material is eco-friendly thatch roofing that is compatible with the green lifestyle, so you can rest assured if that is a concern.

Faux Thatch Roofing Materials: How to Install Synthetic Thatch Panels

Installing artificial thatch roofing or PVC thatch roofing is simple.

Install the synthetic tiki thatch panels in rows - around all edges beginning at the lower edge of the roof.

Go all the way around the roof - and attach with self tapping screws, roofing stapler or nailer gun.

If you need to cut thatch panels - just use a jig saw or regular saw and cut through the binding and section in, our thatch panels will not fall apart.

Repeat each row overlapping 6-8 inches - till you get to the top. Minimum overlapping on each row is about 6-8. Panels are not waterproof.

Tools Needed to Complete the Job

Tape measure
Jig saw
Roofing Stapler, Nailer Gun or Screw Gun.

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Artificial Palm Thatch Panel F/R
Artificial Reed Thatch Panel F/R
Artificial Reed Thatch Starter Panel F/R
Eco Artificial Thatch Sub-Panel C5 F/R
Eco Artificial Thatch Top Cone  C5 F/R
Eco Artificial Thatch Sub-Panel C7 F/R
Eco Artificial Thatch Top Cone C7 F/R