50 Smoked Carbonized Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft

50 Smoked Carbonized Bamboo Flat Slats 1.75"x6ft

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50 Bamboo Smoked Carbonized Color Slat Planks Natural color 1.75" wide x 6' long x .25"depth

Eco Friendly! Wood alternative bamboo is product that CAN help make a difference

Fully seasoned, fumigated & ready for your next project!

Bamboo slats are commonly used for wall coverings, bars, ceilings, wains coatings & so much more!

* Natural smoked color bamboo slats harvested from the large diameter MOSO bamboo. The slats/planks are cut into strips along the length of the pole * Back side is precisely milled while the front maintains the natural bamboo beauty * Best quality in the world! * Fresh, hasn't been sitting around collecting mold * Commercial grade * Fumigated twice * Once urethaned, will last quite well outdoors .

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