2"x 8ft Synthetic Bamboo Poles (2 Poles)

2"x 8ft Synthetic  Bamboo Poles (2 Poles)
Item# 2X8BP-2P

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2"x 8ft Synthetic  Bamboo Poles (2 Poles)
Two Synthetic Artificial Bamboo Poles 2" x 96"

Bamboo Poles - Bamboo Sticks & Split Halves - Synthetic Bamboo Pole Stakes - Artificial Bamboo Poles - Imitation Bamboo Poles - Plastic Bamboo Stakes Benefits of Faux Bamboo Poles

* Sixteen 1 foot sections, totaling two 8 feet poles

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Commercial Grade Heavy Duty

Crack Resistant

Fade Resistant

Rot Resistant

Bug Resistant

Mold Resistant

UV Rated. Great for outdoors

Class A Fire Rated. Great for businesses

Natural color is extruded throughout bamboo poles, not painted on

15-20 Year life span. Depends on environment

Lengths available 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 18ft and 20ft

Large bamboo diameters available up to 6" outside diameter

Can be cut in to bamboo halves for molding

Poles are straight not crooked

Consistent in diameters. No taper

Bamboo poles can be painted

Great for bamboo water fountain features

Decorative bamboo poles

Also can be used for Bamboo Wedding Arbors

Great for covering beams, piping or conduit. Our bamboo poles are completely hollow

This is not schedule 40 PVC pipe that Home Depot sells that has been painted on. Our color is all the way through the bamboo pole even on the inside when cut in half. Other companies paint the outside only so you will see white inside the pipe. Those will chip, fade and crack.

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