55"x 10ft Palm Grass Tiki Thatch Roll

FIRE RETARDANT<br>55"x 10ft Palm Grass Tiki Thatch Roll
Item# FRTR4X10
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FIRE RETARDANT<br>55"x 10ft Palm Grass Tiki Thatch Roll
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Mexican Rain Cape Roof Thatching

Description of Mexican Rain Cape Thatch Panel With Class A Fire Retardant:
    Mexican Rain Cape makes it effortless to convert ordinary structures into tropical island retreats with its shaggy fringe thatch exterior and woven knotted interior.

    Mexican Rain Cape Thatch Panel Features: Versatile product; can be cut using scissors to any shape between the knots without unraveling. Kind of like cutting a fish net.

    Applications for Mexican Rain Cape Thatch: Apply to a plywood deck with staples or on horizontal 1/2" x 1/2" batten boards to create a more authentic looking thatched roof. Great for Tiki Bar facing.

    Can be applied directly to batons for a more authentic look.

    Retail display product stands with a mini thatched roof.

    Specifications of Mexican Rain Cape Thatch: Hand-woven palm leaf sheet is for 55" H x 10' W x 1" thick and weigh 24 lbs each panel. You get 1 long thatch panel with class A Fire Retardant for this price.

    Sold individually in one long thatch panel. Can measure up to 57" H x 22' W.

    Longevity: 5-6 years outdoors; indefinitely indoors.

    Mexican Rain Cape Thatch Dimensions: 55" H x 10' W x 1" thick. Each thatch panel provides 70-80 sq ft of coverage. Please allow material for overhang also when calculating thatched material.

    FAQs about Mexican Rain Cape Thatch: How long can I expect Mexican Rain Cape thatch to last?

    Our Mexican Rain Cape thatching will last 5-6 years outside and indefinitely inside and sometimes longer in dryer climates.

    Is Mexican Rain Cape thatch waterproof? No; Mexican Rain Cape thatch panels are purely for shade cover and to create a tropical feel for your product. For a waterproof structure multiple layers would be needed.

    Mexican Rain Cape Thatch Installation: Installation installation emailed by request. No special skills are required to install. Just staple gun with no less than 9/16 staples and scissors are required.

    Minimum recommended installation pitch is 30 degrees (7 in 12); Longevity will increase with pitch increase.

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