2 Folding Patio Bamboo Chairs

2 Folding Patio Bamboo Chairs
Item# TS-5427

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2 Folding Patio Bamboo Chairs
Set of 2 Tiki Bamboo Patio Chairs

Folding bamboo chairs are made from an eco friendly, high quality all natural durable bamboo. Bamboo chair set has been fumigated and fully treated for maintaining its high quality, perfect for your home or business, great for indoor and outdoor use.

Each Measures:

- 34"H x 16.5"W x 13"D

- Seat height is 18"

*Sold in only a set of two.

*If you want order a large quantity please Email us

Customer Service 1-951-662-3472 or 1-866-944-TIKI(8454)