43" Striped Bass Half Mount Fish Replica

43" Striped Bass Half Mount Fish Replica

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This is our 43 inch half mount replica. You have to see it to believe it. The striped bass is an extremely popular fish species found in both fresh and salt waters of the northeast. Its habitat reaches from the St. Lawrence River in Canada to the St. Johns River in Florida, and from the Swannee River in western Florida to Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, and the open waters of the Atlantic. It has even been introduced to inland fresh water lakes throughout our great land. Adorned with jet-black stripes and boasting a traditional body shape, this striped bass replica exudes all the attractiveness, brute strength and angling challenge that these fish possess.

Each replicas overall length is determined by measuring from the tip of the mouth (or bill) and running along the lateral line to the fork in the tail and then running the distance from the fork to the end of the longest tail length. All length measurements have the possibility of being off by a small percentage since we are fabricating in fiberglass using a grinding technique.


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