7ft Commercial Grade Palapa Umbrella Cover

7ft Commercial Grade Palapa Umbrella Cover
Item# 7ftPalapacover
Can add 2 yrs life to Thatch. We apply Thatch Sealer: 

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7ft Commercial Grade Palapa Umbrella Cover
7 ft Mexican Rain Cape Thatched Umbrella Cover


Description of Mexican Palapa Thatched Umbrella Cover: Converts most heavy duty wooden framed umbrella into a tropical tiki umbrella with its shaggy thatch exterior and woven knotted interior. Not recommended for market umbrellas with canvas.

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Applications for Mexican Palapa Umbrella Cover:

Great for themed parties!

Specifications of Mexican Rain Cape Thatch Cover:

Hand-woven Palm leaf capes come also in 9', 10', 11', 12', 13', 14', 15' diameters and weigh 20 lbs to 90 lbs respectively

Sold individually

Not waterproof;

To be used purely for shade cover. Multi layers would be needed to waterproof

Longevity: 5-6 years outdoors in most climates; indefinitely indoors. 2 years longer with our thatch sealer.

Palapa Covers can be ordered pre-fire retarded for interior or exterior for a extra cost and comes with a fire certificate. See fire retardant palapa covers under this category.

Mexican Rain Cape Thatched Umbrella Cover Dimensions:

Weight about 20 lbs.

7 ft x 1" thick.

Designed to go on 6' - 6.5' diameter umbrella frames so that you will have overhang around the edges.

Will fit 7' umbrella frames with little overhang.

We have some larger 7' palapa covers. Please Call

FAQs About Our Mexican Rain Cape Thatched Umbrella Covers:

How long can I expect Mexican Rain Cape Umbrella Cape to last? Mexican Rain Cape will last 5-6 years outside in dryer climates and indefinitely inside. Not like other companies that sell a similar product.

These are the same Commercial Grade thatched umbrella covers the we sell to Sea World, Disney, Maui Wowi & Universal Pictures.

Is Mexican Rain Cape Umbrella Covers waterproof? No; Mexican Rain Cap is purely for shade cover and to create a tropical feel for your product. Multi layers would be needed to make waterproof.

Should I take the cape off the umbrella in bad weather? It does not have to come off, but would certainly add to the life of the product if it was removed.

Installation of Mexican Rain Cape Umbrella Cape:

Easy installation; no special skills are required

Simply fits over an existing umbrella frame

Use nylon zip ties to attach to umbrella framing

Also can use staples but works best with zip ties

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