Create a Zen-Like Garden Space with Bamboo Edging!

Your garden is your special space, your zen-like zone of serenity.

If youíre looking for easy and affordable ideas to boost your garden's natural beauty and charm, bamboo edging is the answer!

A bamboo garden border is the perfect way to highlight your beloved outdoor space while offering a stylish, Far East contrast to your yardís dťcor.

Bamboo is a durable, weather-resistant material that has been used in outdoor construction for generations. Get a bamboo edging garden border and discover why!

Our bamboo fence ideas will enhance the appeal of your backyard by drawing the eyes of your visitors to what you cherish most: your garden space. Letís get started with our guide to backyard edging ideas.

Never a Bad Investment

Even if youíre moving out of your current home, a bamboo garden border can be a savvy investment.

If you are trying to sell your home in todayís market, you understand how valuable this kind of visual appeal can be. You have to have something that really stands out and attracts the buyerís attention.

Often considered a small touch, a garden bamboo fence makes a big impact in the minds of those looking for the perfect dwelling to move into.

Installing your garden bamboo fence takes very little time, but lasts forever. Now thatís a good investment!

A "Touch of Something" that's Hard to Describe

Bamboo edging is fantastic for your backyard even if you plan on living in your home for the rest of your life. A bamboo fence can add that certain something that your lawn has always been missing.

There is something very therapeutic, even somewhat mystical, about the appeal of bamboo.

So pull up a piece of lawn furniture and get ready to align your chakras!

Functional, Cheap and Beautiful - Now that's Hard to Beat!

Itís easy to enjoy the rustic feel of a bamboo fence. Made from the stalks of bamboo and finely polished, this highly versatile lawn and garden decoration is functional as much as it is beautiful: it can keep pests out, and it looks good. Bamboo is also as durable as it gets.

Bamboo edging is an effective, gorgeous way to decorate your lawn without dropping the big bucks. You can choose the length and style of bamboo garden border that best fits your need and budget.

Browse our fantastic range of bamboo fence ideas at Tiki Shack Importer to find a wide variety of styles and types. We promise youíll find something to your liking!

Installing a Bamboo Garden Border

For your installation process, if you measure your gardenís dimensions ahead of time we are willing to cut the bamboo to the proper size. If you have to cut it yourself, refer to the instructions located here.

Don't worry very few tools are needed to install a garden bamboo fence, so itís a simple, DIY installation.

However, be careful not to split the bamboo!

Due to its solid appearance, many people are under the impression that bamboo stalks are wood, but they are in fact grass, which means theyíre very pliable and easy to break.

A Design Favorite Right Round the World!

Bamboo has long been a durable, long-lasting design favorite in countries around the world.

Tap into the wisdom of the Orient and find out why!

Itís a durable, weather-resistant natural material that is utterly solid and perfect for protecting your garden. Whether you want to keep out those pesky rabbits or up your gardenís tropical vibe, a bamboo garden border is the way to go!

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