Bamboo Wall Covering Ideas

Bamboo: The Perfect Cover to Create Tropical-Themed Walls!

Bamboo wall covering is essential if you really want to ramp up the authenticity of your tiki-themed basement or rec room, or if you just want an attractive, natural look for the walls either inside or outside your home.

Bamboo is the quintessential construction material of the Pacific Islands because of its long-lasting durability, its immunity to weather and its rustic, earthy look.

You may not live in the Pacific Islands, but you can use bamboo to capture the wonder and magic of the tropics in your very own home. Let’s get started with our guide to bamboo wall covering ideas.

Why Bamboo as a Wall Cover Though?

As a construction material, bamboo has been renowned for its style and durability in East Asia and South Asia for millennia.

It is relatively light, durable, and grows at a super-fast rate, which means that residents of the warm Pacific Islands often make basically every building out of bamboo.

In short, bamboo is the perfect material for an outdoor patio or deck area. It’s weather resistant, and it adds an equatorial flavor to your décor!

3 Bamboo Wall Covering Ideas

Bamboo is an extremely versatile building material with several different varieties. Bamboo wall coverings come in several forms.

Idea 1: You can purchase flat bamboo slats or bricks that are made of bamboo. These can be up to nine feet in length, and adhere to your wall with glue. You can also attach them to the wall with molding along the top and bottom of the wall.

Our bamboo panels for walls are similar to having a brick facade, except, of course, the facade is made out of bamboo. Bamboo panels for walls give a cabin-like feel that is just impossible to duplicate with other building materials.

Idea 2: You can buy actual half-sections of bamboo trunk. The cores of these half-sections are filled with foam. These pieces of bamboo trunk can be nailed, glued, or screwed to the wall.

Idea 3: Finally, bamboo wall lining is another great option to capture that tropical feel either inside or outside your house.

Our bamboo panels for walls can give your home’s interior that subtle but unmistakable look of the South Pacific, and can add an additional element to bolster your backyard tiki hut’s air of authenticity.

Visitors entering an interior with bamboo wall coverings may find themselves calmed and thinking of the tropics without even knowing why. It really is that subtle.

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The above bamboo wall panel options though, take a long time to install, and may look too "formal" for a fun, tiki bar setting.

For a tiki bar, the best wall covering option is to buy woven bamboo mats by the foot.

Mats, you ask? Oh yes. Bamboo can be cut into flexible strips and woven together to make a sturdy and flexible wall covering. After the mat is woven, the bamboo strips are treated with a variety of chemicals to make them water and fire-resistant.

You can order these mats in any size right here on our website and have your tiki hut’s walls covered in a matter of hours. They provide a casual, authentic and perfect aesthetic look for any tropical-themed indoor or outdoor room.

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