Fire Retardant Tiki Thatch Guide

Tiki thatch is a great material to decorate any indoor or outdoor entertainment area.

It will lend any space that tropical feel youíve been striving for. However, itís vitally important that you take the proper safety precautions when using tiki thatch as a decoration.

Itís a highly flammable material, so itís important to properly treat your thatch decorations with fire retardant.

Thatch is a beautiful, eco-friendly construction and decoration material, but because it is natural itís also highly susceptible to fire.

Here are a few simple safety steps you can take to ensure the safety of your tiki thatch entertainment area.

And remember: fire retardant only slows down flames, it cannot completely prevent fire.

Also, fire retardant does not last forever. You will most likely have to reapply the liquid every one to two years.

Still, itís an important safety precaution to take for any thatch structure.

Spraying Thatch Fire Retardant Liquid

You can typically purchase fire retardant tiki thatch in a water-based, liquid form.

The material is clear, non-corrosive, and wonít wash off in the rain.

Most fire retardant materials are made for both indoor and outdoor use, but be sure to check before you purchase.

Many fire marshals require a certified license to spray fire retardant in a commercial setting, so if youíre looking to spray fire retardant on tiki thatch structures for a hotel or restaurant, be certain to obtain the proper permits first.

For private use, you can use fire retardant spray however you want.

Once again, fire retardant does not completely guarantee that your tiki thatch canít catch fire, but it will drastically reduce the odds of a fire happening.

Before you begin spraying your thatch, be sure that the surfaces are dry and free of dirt.

You should spray your thatch walls with a high-powered air sprayer, and put a strong fan on all surfaces afterward to ensure that the fire retardant dries properly.

Dipping Thatch Before Construction

Another method to treat your thatch building materials with fire retardant is to dip the individual pieces in the retardant before construction on your tiki thatch hut even begins.

Once you have pre-treated every piece of thatch with fire retardant, you should let them dry for several days before beginning construction.

However, once your thatch hut is erected, it will be fully fire retardant already.

Remember that most retardant will need to be re-sprayed every couple of years, even if you do pre-treat your building materials.

Itís an important maintenance procedure that many tiki hut owners forget to do, but itís a simple step that will help ensure the safety and longevity of your thatch.

Rolling Fire Retardant Onto Thatch

If you donít want to purchase or rent a high powered sprayer and donít want to dip your thatch materials before construction, you can also roll on the fire retardant using a standard paint roller.

However, like the other two procedures, make certain that the surfaces are clean and dry before you begin, and make sure to thoroughly dry all surfaces with a fan after you have applied the retardant.

No matter what, itís important to think ďsafety firstĒ with tiki thatch fire retardant.

The safety of your business, home and friends/family is too valuable not to take such a simple protective measure.

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