Grass Umbrella Guide

Throwing a party in the near future and not sure what type of decor you want to purchase?

Why not take the natural beauty from your backyard and combine it with a few store-bought items to create an island affair worth remembering?

It won't take your friends or neighbors long to catch onto the fact that you were born to entertain.

In fact, purchasing grass umbrellas will help you set the theme in decorating your backyard paradise.

Tiki Grass is Natural, Cost Effective and Stylish!

Made from all-natural materials, the lightweight accessories can be put up during pre-party preparations and taken down once the last guest has left for the evening.

Virtually effortless to keep up with, grass umbrellas add instant authenticity to any event you might have outdoors.

Grass umbrellas are stylish and cost effective. They are long lasting and charming. How else do you expect to throw an island get together without them?

Purchase one or a dozen and transform your yard into the ultimate vacation destination.

You won't even have to pack a suitcase or carry a passport to get some much needed rest and relaxation.

What to Use Grass Umbrellas for?

Grass umbrellas are great for summer events like picnics, barbecues, graduations, birthday parties, and anniversary celebrations.

Use them alongside your tiki hut or tiki bar and incorporate them into your next luau or Fourth of July barbecue.

Just pull up a lawn chair and catch some rays before planning your next big celebration.

Your friends, neighbors, and family members will feel like they have been transported to a tropical island once they see your natural grass umbrella decorations.

Set alongside bold, beautiful flowers, a umbrella captures the essence of what Mother Nature intended for you to do.

Help create a quiet, pristine sanctuary in the comfort of your own backyard. Relax in the pool or practice yoga underneath the shade of your new grass umbrellas.

Dance the night away while a tiki torch burns brightly in the background and retreat to a patio table or lounge table with a fruity drink when you need to rest. Grass umbrellas are the obvious choice in fuss-free lawn and patio decor.

Safety is Critical

Prevent your furnishings from going up in flames by choosing fire retardant grass umbrellas.

Specifically designed to resist the spread of fire, the material is included in select products sold throughout the world.

It can make the difference between life and death in some cases.

Due to the highly flammable nature of some products, you should always use extreme care when cooking close to your grass umbrellas and tiki hut thatch.

To learn more about fire retardant product options, click here.

The Final Word on Grass Umbrellas!

You won't believe how beneficial a grass umbrella will be until you try one out yourself!

Pick the size to fit your needs and transform your backyard into a tropical retreat.

Serve appetizers and Pina Coladas out of your newly built tiki bar. Everyone you know will be lining up outside your front door to get a glimpse of your new backyard entertainment area.

Your collection of grass umbrellas may be the first thing to catch their eye!

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