How to Build a Tiki Bar in 10 Steps

How to Build a Tiki Bar
How to Build a Tiki Bar

NOTE: Above is the ideal frame work for most Tiki Bars.

This tiki bar construction method allows moisture to drain and winds to blow through. Thus staying cooler and able to handle high winds. This also allows thatch to last longer too. Letís get started on our 10 step guide on how to build a tiki bar!

10 Steps to Building a Tiki Bar

Step 1: Decide on a Pattern and Basic Shape for your Tiki Hut

Start by building the frame. Make sure it is where you want to leave it, as the frame quickly becomes very heavy.

Step 2: Don't Forget to Plan for a Sink and Refrigerator!

When framing in your tiki hut don't forget to plan for this. You may not want to go to these lengths, but it sure adds to the finished product when done!

Step 3: Buy your Bar Stools Ahead of Time

So you can build the counter top height accordingly.

Step 4: Be Sure to Allow Posts for Roof Support

Try to find something that is natural looking.

In the above pictures we used lodgepole pine posts or cedar posts with frayed bark that was left unfinished. Cedar is naturally rot resistant and should last indefinitely being under the shelter of a roof.

Step 5: Frame the Roof

A straight Tiki Hut roof won't be as difficult as a hip roof or a framed roof.

Determine if you want to have an original flat look or a traditional home style look when completed.

Make sure it has good pitch for water drainage and no less than a 10 degree angle. You don't want water laying around under your palm leave thatch or it will cause mold and the thatch will not last as long.

Step 6: Complete the Roof with Treated Plywood

Making sure you put seam sealing tape over all of the plywood joints. This will help waterproof in addition to the palm leaf thatch.

For a open air roof this is the best way. This will make temperatures cooler underneath the roof and will let the thatch breath causing less mold after time.

Step 7: Install your Counter Top

You can use a seashell tile mat comprised of small smooth natural seashells.

In our example above various sea life tiles were added to serve as coasters for drinks and to add variety to our top.

Step 8: Install Thatching Around the Outer Edge

Do this by first creating the overhang you prefer. Most use 12" for overhang then flipping the rest onto the roof and staple down with no less than a 9/16 staple.

Then install the next row overlapping 6-8 inches like putting up roof shingles, very easy to do.

Step 9: Make Sure to Consider All Finishing Materials

Consider other tiki bar construction options, such as a ceiling fan to make your project more complete and user friendly! Complete all finishing materials.

In our tiki bar construction example above we stapled bamboo screen around the outside for a finished tropical look. The customer then added some tropical decor of his choosing.

Step 10: Consider Lighting

This will add a great night effect.

Now invite some people over and enjoy your new tropical backyard!

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