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Decorate Your Backyard with Custom Made Palapa Umbrella Kits

Your backyard is your own private sanctuary, your place to get away from it all.

Thatís why itís critical for you to decorate it like the important piece of your home that it is.

When it comes to decorating your backyard, palapa umbrella kits and matching tables and chairs are a fantastic addition to any outdoor decor.

It will give your humble yard the feel of a tropical getaway, all on an affordable budget. Whatís not to love.

Youíve often seen hotels and resorts utilize palapa kits near their pools or tiki bars to create a festival, tropical atmosphere. Now you too can get this relaxing resort vibe for your very own backyard!

How Should I Use My Palapa Umbrella Kit?

The best way to create tropical shade in your backyard entertainment area is to put together your own palapa kit: youíll feel like youíre sitting poolside in no time flat.

A palapa is a thatched roof, usually erected over a table or bar, and the material used as a palapa cover is made of dried and woven palm tree leaves.

You often seen palapa umbrella kits used in the tropics region to provide shade for weary tourists. However, you bring the look from the equator to your own backyard, no matter where you live. Tiki Shack Importer stocks them in many different shapes and sizes.

Palapa thatched umbrellas can last for a long time in dry climates, but in damp, more temperate climates they typically have a lifespan of four to five years.

However, that doesnít mean you canít still get tons of enjoyment out of your palapa umbrella if you live in a rainy area.

If you use proper thatch sealer and install the umbrella so that it wonít be jostled too much by the elements, you can prolong the life of your umbrella.

Palapas are an affordable, stylish addition to your backyard, so theyíre worth a little extra work.

Where Can I Find a Palapa Umbrella Kit?

Right Here Online at Tiki Shack Importer!

You can find a number of stores that have palapas for sale but many of them are not authentic.

The authentic or original palapas are typically made of fine, superior quality wood and carefully selected lodge pole pines.

Lodge pole pines are known for their durability, strength and hardy appearance.

They are made by hand peeling wood with the use of two handled knives that help remove the bark. The palapa top is commonly made of natural pine wood.

Installation of Palapa Umbrella Kits

Thankfully, itís a cinch to install your tiki thatch roof umbrella kit.

When you order your palapa kit from Tiki Shack Importer you will receive hardware, lumber and a thatched roof, as well as chairs and tables.

There are different ways to install your palapa kit in your backyard; itís all up to you, depending on your personal choice and the dťcor youíre going for.

You could dig a hole in the ground, or place the kit on cement.

However you choose to set it up, itís vital that the palapa umbrella is secured properly so it wonít blow away. You wouldnít want to lose your awesome new decorating addition just like that!

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