What is Thatch Sealer & Why you Need it

So What Exactly is Thatch Sealer?

The life span of a thatch roof depends on the climatic conditions and the type of roof base, whether itís open or closed.

In dry climates with scarce rainfall, thatch can last for five to six years with proper care.

However, in places of heavy rainfall; thatch is susceptible to damage and wear and tear from the elements, both of which can occur rapidly.

If you live in such a wet environment but still want the classic, stylish look of a thatched roof, consider buying thatch sealer.

Thatch sealer is a solution that has to be sprayed on both sides of the thatch to prevent moisture from seeping into its structure.

Thatch roof sealers can add approximately two more years to the life span of your thatched roof, with minimal cost and effort up front.

Sealing your thatched roof is an ideal way to get more bang for your buck!

Why you Need Thatch Sealer - The Benefits!

Thatch sealer dramatically decreases the risk of damage to your thatch roof from either the elements or animals.

The sealant also preserves the natural, earthy look and feel of the thatch without sacrificing its quality.

By locking out moisture, it extends your thatched roofís lifespan while making it even more resistant to humidity and the elements.

Thatch sealer can also keep out bacterial and fungal growths, hay fever, dust and even sinusitis, all while making the thatch easier to clean.

Heck, it even reduces insurance premiums by illustrating to your insurance provider that you put the utmost work and care into your home decor!

How to Apply Thatch Sealer

Now how to apply thatch sealer?

Step 1: Well, before applying them, ensure that the surface is clean and dry.

The thatch roll itself should be free of cobwebs, bird residue, wasps, and the like.

Step 2: While applying the roof thatch sealer on the inner side, put covering on wall paintings, carpets, furniture and floors.

Never apply the thatch sealer on wet surfaces as moisture weakens the thatch sealer before it can properly adhere to the thatch.

Try to apply the thatch in warm, dry temperatures and remember to close the container when not in use.

Before you begin, stir the thatch roofing sealer with a stirrer and never dilute it.

Step 3: Now take a sprayer and pour the roof thatch sealer into it.

Begin the spraying process from the apex of the roof and proceed downward. Now repeat the process in the interiors for maximum protection.

Note: It will take three to five hours for the thatch sealer to dry fully.

Safety Tips When Applying Thatch Sealer

You should always take precautionary measures when using thatch sealer.

If anyone has accidentally swallowed the solution seek medical assistance immediately.

Keep it away from the children.

After applying thatch sealer, arrange for sufficient ventilation so that the sealer can dry properly, and remember to wear a vapor mask when applying the sealant.

Always keep chemical resistant gloves and safety articles like this one handy. Thatch sealer solvent tends to evaporate, so close the container when not using it.

Never dispose the solution in drains.

In case of eye contact, flush your eyes with clean and cold water.

For skin contact, wash your hands and skin properly. If suffering a respiratory problem while using the thatch sealer, move into fresh air.

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