Tropical Themed Parties with Tiki Grass

No tropical themed party is complete without a roll or two of this versatile item.

For very little money, you can create the type of experience that will keep your friends and family members talking for weeks!

Tiki grass can be bought by the roll and used indoors or outdoors as a way to give your home a warm and exotic feel.

When added to Polynesian influenced items, the durable material can enhance even the dullest pool or entertainment area.

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Tiki Grass Tropical Themed Parties - All the Steps!

Here's the steps you need to follow to throw that perfect tropical themed party and use your new tiki grass to its fullest!

1. Choose a Date for the Get-Together

Make sure you account for peoples work schedules and weather conditions. Weekends tend to be ideal because most people have at least one day off from their jobs.

2. Print out Invitations

Send one to everyone on your guest list. If you are having a potluck, make sure to ask everyone to RSVP and bring a covered dish.

3. Purchase Decorations

Grab rolls of tiki grass, thatch material, colored umbrellas, beach balls, a punch bowl, flower leis, and anything else that would add to the theme of the party!

4. Hire a DJ or find a Friend

If you don't want to go to the trouble of hiring a DJ; find a friend who is willing to take care of the music for the evening.

Jimmy Buffett and the Andrews Sisters are favorites for this type of get-together.

A simple search through an online music library will help you determine which songs fit best with the type of entertainment you plan on offering.

5. Plan out your Appetizers, Drinks, and Entrees

Select a few new recipes to try out.

Hunks of pineapple, grilled chicken, and fruity drinks cost little to make and can be prepared a day in advance. Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, and Fruit Smoothies are always hits with party goers.

6. Prepare your Yard for the Event

Roll out the tiki grass, put up the tiki torches and clean your pool.

The more you prepare in advance the less the likelihood that something unexpected will occur and spoil your fun.

Safety proof areas that children are likely to play in and do not leave any unattended by the pool.

7. Recruit for the Clean Up!

Get some friends or family members to help you with the clean up.

Roll up the tiki grass and store it along with your other decorations in a dark, dry place in your attic or garage.

You'll want to use these items again and again throughout the years.

Tropical Themed Parties Require Planning but so Much Fun!

Planning a fun barbecue or pool party takes time but can be a lot of fun.

Take advantage of all the great supplies available from tiki grass to coconut shell drink holders and experience all the thrills that paradise has to offer.

Your next staycation will be one to talk about with a newly installed tiki hut or tiki bar!

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