Bring Paradise to your Doorstep with Tiki Umbrellas

Outdoor Furniture Perfection with Tiki Umbrellas

No matter where you live or operate your business, you can bring paradise to your very own doorstep by installing tiki umbrellas in your yard or outdoor seating area.

Brightly colored and fun in the way that only tropical-related items can be, this time-honored and dependable lawn and garden accessory is a staple of sensible, stylish outdoor decor.

You donít have to live on an island to enjoy the warm-weather charms of a tiki umbrella.

Whether youíre providing shade for a few outdoor tables on your barís patio or shading a rest and relaxation area at home, you can stock your backyard with multiple umbrellas for a full tropical effect.

To get started, you can browse our fantastic line of tropical umbrellas here.

Choosing a Tiki Umbrella

A simple way to improve the look of your home or business outdoor entertainment area, tiki umbrellas come in a variety of patterns, sizes, and styles.

Hereís an added bonus of decorating with tiki umbrellas: you wonít have to spend a fortune to get the kind of look that you want.

Adding tiki umbrellas to your backyard deck or pool area is simple, easy, fast and affordable.

In short, itís the perfect way to spruce up any outdoor space in an afternoon!

Simply find the type of umbrella you want, get as many as you think your deck needs, and then have a few friends over one Saturday to help set them up. Just like that, youíll be chilling on an island resort!

Tiki umbrellas take little time to set up but pay off handsomely. In fact, once delivered, they can be removed from their boxes and put into stands in one easy installation afternoon.

Tiki umbrellas are an efficient, affordable way to give your entertainment area that island flair youíve been looking for.

Perfect for Parties

If youíre looking to prepare for your next big backyard shindig, browse our selection of tiki umbrellas here.

Your next Survivor viewing party or tropical barbecue will really pop with the addition of these colorful umbrellas!

This long-time staple of outdoor patios and bars not only look good, but serve a purpose too. They provide shade on brutally hot days and deflect rain from those sudden summer thunderstorms.

Tiki umbrellas truly add a simple, but wildly effective, tropical touch to any backyard bash.

So round up your neighbors, family members, and friends and bring them over to enjoy your new suburban island resort!

Year-Round Entertainment

Whether you live in Hawaii or Minnesota, you can enjoy year-round comfort and style in a tiki hut or tiki bar.

A cold climate doesnít have to get you down! Even if itís snowing, you can look forward to the summer months by preparing your yard with tiki umbrellas and table setups. In an instant, you will turn a cold, bland yard into a paradise-in-the-making.

Sp put away your passport, cancel your flight and retreat to your own personal backyard tropical getaway. Tropical tiki umbrellas are the smart choice for anyone looking for an affordable, stylish way to boost their backyard dťcor with a splash of color!

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