Woven Bamboo Veneer Board 4'x8'

Woven Bamboo Veneer Board 4'x8'
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Woven Bamboo Veneer Board 4'x8'
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Light Blonde Color

4ft x 8ft Bamboo woven veneer board also know as wainscoting is one of the oldest Bamboo product, consisting of thin Bamboo strips, cut and woven into bamboo mat boards which are press together to form a board. There are many uses for the bamboo mats either indoors or outdoors. They are great as bamboo wall board or ceiling board, the natural bamboo finished look make an outstanding statement on your design. This woven bamboo veneer can be used on a wide range of wall and ceiling, furniture, on a bar or countertop covering.

Woven in herringbone pattern, you can choose either light blonde or carbonized caramel color. They can also be stained or painted to your color. Easy to cut to your custom size for your project. Apply glue spread evenly all over the board and gently put them on the work surface, put finishing nails on corners and let it dry completely. Make sure you use the outdoor adhesive for outdoor projects.

Key features

Woven bamboo board can used indoors or outdoors, use them on your ceilings, floors, wall and finishing your furniture.

Woven bamboo board is best used for interior applications such as wainscots trimmed off with a bamboo chair rail, door and ceiling coverings, cupboard and cabinet fronts, or as countertops set in clear resin

Bendable with 1/32" thickness.

Come in rolled form, it is flex like a veneer.

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