Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo Fencing
Bamboo Fencing

Whole Natural Bamboo Fencing and Split Bamboo Fencing

Available In Natural, Black and Mahogany Colors!

About Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing is a decorative and environmentally friendly alternative to chain link fencing or wood fencing and can last up to 10 years in drier climates.

Today, it's one of the most popular and affordable options in decorative fencing. Its natural elegance adds privacy and security, as well as a unique look to a rich green garden.

This attractive and durable material is well known for its warmth and beauty, but also for its convenience and ease of use.

We use galvanized steel wire in rows which is run through the center of bamboo poles to attach bamboo poles tightly together this method is used on rolled fence only. Bamboo fencing material can be rolled and split.

Decorative Options for Bamboo Fencing

When putting the finishing touches on your yard and landscaping projects, a common dilemma is what kind of fencing designs to use.

One of the simplest, most time saving ways to have a bamboo fence installed is with the use of Bamboo Fencing Panels. As the name implies, they are pre-made panels of quality bamboo fencing that are ready to be installed.

Consider what purpose your bamboo fence will serve in your yard. Is it for privacy, or more of a decorative bamboo edging? Will it be used to contain a garden, or to provide a look and feel of the tropics?

To provide you with some direction and to inspire ideas, please look at some of our other pictures on the website for some designs to beautify your home and garden.

Bamboo Fencing Panels are versatile in that they can be installed quickly and can be left up permanently or temporarily, depending on their function and purpose. Also, ours will bend to form to just about any project you desire!

Your Home is your Greatest Asset

But Increasing its Curb Appeal and Value is Easy with Bamboo Fencing!

Our affordable rolled and split bamboo is an easy way to do this while allowing you to focus your time and attention on other things.

It is very easy to install with a staple gun or wood screws or your fencing contractor will install your Bamboo Fencing Panels and have your yard and garden looking the very best that it can while adding beauty and style to your home.

Please Note: That bamboo poles in the fence are not always straight. They come from a very moist climate and will crack in hot climates. Bamboo can have color variations. To help protect the bamboo from fading or discoloring using a polyurethane varnish with multiple coats will work wonders.

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Split Bamboo Fence - 3'x15', 4'x15', 6'x15', 8'x15'
Whole Round Bamboo Fence - 3'x8', 4'x8', 6'x8', 8'x8'
Colors - Natural, Black, Mahogany

Please note that all split bamboo fencing will have natural dark oil spots on both side of the fence. This is not mold.

Split Bamboo Fence 3ft x15ft
Regular price: $52.00
Sale price: $44.99
Split Bamboo Fence 4ft x 15ft
Regular price: $64.99
Sale price: $54.99
 Split Bamboo Fence 6ft x15ft
Split Bamboo Fence 8ft x 15ft
TWO Bamboo Fence Natural <p>1"x 8' x 8'
Bamboo Fence Natural <p>1"x 6'x 8'
Bamboo Fence Natural <p>1" x  4' x 8'
Bamboo Fence Natural <p>1" x 3' x 8'
TWO Bamboo Fence Natural Black <p>1"x 8' x 8'
Bamboo Fence Natural Black <p>1"x 6' x 8'
Bamboo Fence Natural Black <p>1"x 4'x 8'
Bamboo Fence Natural Black <p>1"x 3'x 8'
TWO Bamboo Fence Mahogany <p>1"x 8'x  8'
Bamboo Fence Mahogany <p>1"x 6'x 8'
Bamboo Fence Mahogany <p>1"x 4'x 8'
Bamboo Fence Mahogany <p>1"x 3'x 8'

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