What is Tiki Thatch and Why you Need it

What is Tiki Thatch?

Tiki Thatch consists of dried palm leaves and is usually used on walls or on the roof of tiki huts.

It gives a very authentic tropical feel to the huts regardless of how they are used.

Their use is not only limited to aesthetic purposes, but they can also prove to be highly water resistant if they are fabricated and arranged properly.

The craft of tiki thatch is a result of several thousand years of development which has led to its extremely high durability and versatility. Learn more about how to build a tiki hut with palm leaves online right here.

How Tiki Thatch is Crafted

Several types of palm leaves are used for the purpose of crafting tiki thatch. Care must be taken while choosing the palm fronds.

The thorny ones must be avoided as they are very difficult to work with. The most widely used types of palm trees are king, queen and kentia palm.

Their fronds have long, finger-like, single leaves which branch of the main stalk.

Some extremely famous kinds of palm used are palapas from Mexico, thatch panels from Fiji and cape reed from Africa.

Constructing Tiki Thatch Roofs

The construction of DIY thatch roof is fairly simple.

First you will need to chop off a set of fresh palm fronds from the tree and allow them to dry. Alternatively, you can make use of already dried fronds.

The leaves are then removed from only side of the stalk while the other side remains as is.

Then the fronds are placed above each other with the leaves facing the same direction.

A significant number of leaves are put together and tied tightly using bailing wire.

Depending on the width of the DIY thatch roof requirements, the number of fronds to be used will vary. For example, if a width of a few inches is required two fronds will be sufficient, while at least 10 fronds will be needed to create a width of a foot.

Why Tiki Thatch is a Must for any Outdoor Area

Add Immense Value

A DIY thatch roof adds immense value to your garden décor. It goes extremely well with bamboo fencing, bamboo rugs, water fountains, tiki statues or any other kind of bamboo furniture.

The lifetime of a tiki thatch roof is about 5 to 6 years. This life is reduced if used in very humid climates.

Most DIY thatch roofs can withstand sun, wind and water. Synthetic thatch roofs will also last longer when compared to naturally prepared roofs.

Add Authenticity to your Tiki Bar

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to make your tiki bar look authentic? Tired of pulling off a tropical appearance that just doesn't make the grade?

Then roll up those shirt sleeves and get prepared to install a roll or two of tiki thatch. The straw, heather, and palm leaf combination gives your newest outdoor addition a true island appeal.

Fantastic Insulation

Tiki thatch acts as insulation on hot summer days and traps heat during the winter months. It is considered one of the oldest building materials in the world.


Tiki thatch's all natural blend appeals to environmentally-friendly types that are extremely aware of the global impact of the decisions that they make.

Born entertainers and emerging hipsters can create their own tropical paradise in the comfort of their own backyards with this easy-to-install material.

Available to purchase in a variety of styles, a person can customize the look of their tiki hut in one afternoon.

Entertainment at it's Best

You do not have to spend a fortune to entertain. A little creativity goes a long way when you use tiki thatch as part of your outdoor decor.

Rolls come in different sizes which makes covering your tiki bar's roof easy.

Tiki masks can be hung up around the bar to give it even more flair.

Grab a friend or two and enjoy a cold drink after installing the tiki thatch. A colorful paper umbrella and slice of pineapple will help you to get into a tropical mood.

A lot of fun can be had once you have taken the time to prepare your backyard for your next get-together or celebration. You don't even need an excuse to invite people over to see your DIY thatch roof tiki hut.

All you have to do is take a few pictures and post them online. Your friends and neighbors will be beating down your door in hopes of getting a closer look of your newly added tiki thatch!

Call up your closest friends and throw a pool party. You can also serve refreshments from the comfort of your tiki hut.

Encourage your guests to soak up some rays and then cool themselves under your newly built DIY thatch roof. A long day of sun and fun does wonders to help relax a person. Your comrades will be thanking you for the passport-free piece of paradise that you have just offered them!

See what we mean? The Entertainment options and possibilities with tiki thatch are truly endless!

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