Fantastic Tropical Backyard Ideas

A tropical backyard setting adds personality, charm and a warm, sunny feel to your lawn.

Below are some low-cost and low-hassle tropical backyard ideas to give your yard that South Pacific feel you’ve been looking for!

Decorate your Backyard - a Quick and Easy Idea

There are hundreds of tiki decoration ideas to choose from to bring your backyard to a rich, vibrant life. Try these tiki decoration ideas and achieve the tropical tiki backyard you always desired.

If you purchase just a few of these decorations, you’ll think you’re in the thick of the jungle in no time flat!

Tiki hut décor essentials like tiki masks and torches never go out of style, and bamboo outdoor furniture looks like it costs a fortune but is actually very affordable.

The rich, luxurious appeal of stained wood and bright floral patterns are a great décor combination for your backyard.

Using popular tropical decorations like bamboo poles and tiki thatched roofs are a great way to liven up your yard or entertainment area affordably and stylishly.

Buy Bamboo - Visually Stunning for any Backyard

Pacific Islanders have known it for thousands of years, but we’re only now catching on to the perks of designing and decorating with this ancient grass plant.

Bamboo is durable and can withstand temperamental weather conditions, making it the perfect material for outdoor lawn improvement projects.

In addition to its long-lasting nature, bamboo is also very visually appealing.

Tropical backyards can be found in even the most remote, non-tropical areas of the country as businesses and homeowners do anything they can to increase the value of their home or property by making stylish outdoor improvements.

Thatched roofs, sea grass umbrellas, tiki huts, and bamboo fencing are affordable, striking ways to alter normally dull lawns and gardens.

Thatched Roofs - Adds an Authentic Feel to any Tiki Backyard

Rolls of thatch provide protection and add durability to the roofs of your outdoor bar or hut.

They’re sturdy and most importantly, entirely weather resistant.

Bamboo poles and bamboo fences are similarly sturdy, providing an exotic yet practical building material for any outdoor entertainment space.

The rugged structure of a bamboo stalk can withstand years of unfavorable weather conditions.

Make Your Backyard a Paradise - The All in One Solution!

A tiki backyard will draw visitors throughout the summer. Friends, neighbors, and family members won’t be shy about asking to come over and hang out poolside with a cold cocktail in their hands!

You can hold tropical backyard barbecues, birthday parties and neighborhood block party get-togethers.

For very little money, these tiki decoration ideas can transform your city home into a warm and inviting place where others can get away from it all.

Your backyard can be your own personal island paradise. Pretty enticing, no?

Tropical backyard bungalows offer privacy and a place to catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation without you ever having to leave your own home.

It’s like having your own private tropical zen garden, for you and you alone (well, and anyone you want to let in).

You can string up a hammock by your new tiki bar and enjoy some afternoon cocktails, read a book under the sun and just relax.

For a splash of colorin your tiki backyard, consider investing in bright tiki umbrellas for your bar or pool area. It’s your own private paradise, so go nuts on the design!

A Final Word on Tropical Backyard Safety from Tiki Shack

Your tiki backyard should be as safe as it is exciting.

Do not place electrical cords too close to the water, and refrain from using a high-powered grill next to your tiki hut unless it is flame retardant.

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